Unlock It!

The hunt continues at Camp St. Croix!

It’s been a hard year. Families are juggling remote learning, worries about health and the economy, cancelled plans, and so much uncertainty. We totally get it. While it can’t solve everything, being active outside – even in colder temps – can improve health, mood, and mindset. We have a new family activity ready to pilot for the whole family, and we would love for you to try it out.

What is Unlock It! and how does it work?

It’s a self-guided, outdoor, scavenger hunt-like experience. Download the map, follow the clues, and unlock letters that get unscrambled to form a keyword. 

When can we do it?

Do it on your schedule, anytime during daylight hours.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! Thanks to a generous donation from Cargill, and the amazing team at D.Trio Marketing Agency who did the design work, there is no cost to you and your family.

Who created Unlock It! and why?

This is the latest from the team who puts on the Kidarod, ForEverest, BreakAway Kids Tri, Resilinator, and 12Bursts. We aim to be your partner in preparing kids with the tools and confidence they need to live an adventurous life.

Get the Unlock It! Map