Successful Fall Season for Widji’s Outdoor Learning Program

Widji wrapped up a fun and successful fall Outdoor Learning Program season on November 8th.  Overall, approximately 545 participants came to Camp and learned, explored, paddled, hiked and bonded with their classmates and groups in just over 2 months!  Some of the comments from students, teachers and chaperones include:

“Parents are telling me stories about the impact Widji had on their kids this fall. Kids have become more independent and confident, are spending more time outside, and even guiding family adventures outside. It's so great! Thanks for facilitating this in these young lives.”

“I had a great time because it was an adventure every second.”

“I had a great instructor.  He pushed us to try new things and let us explore.  I loved getting over my fears and finding new ones.  I felt like I could find my own limits.”

“I really appreciated the instructors’ patience and positive attitudes no matter what came their way.”

“I usually don’t enjoy my time at camps but I had an amazing time.  The hikes were great and I had so much fun with the instructors and my friends. I can’t wait to come back!”

We’re looking forward to kicking off the winter season in early January and have a busy schedule of schools and weekend groups ahead of us!