Sans Souci was the sixth cabin built at camp. In French, the cabin's name means "without care", but over the years the name had been shortened to Suzy. It was one of the original nine cabins available when YMCA Camp du Nord opened in 1961. Sans Souci includes both the cabin and the nearby platform tent in the summer season. The cabin has one room with a bed, a kitchen, and a wood-burning fireplace. Biffies are located nearby and there is a centrally located shower house with modern bathroom conveniences. 


  • Type: Rustic Cabin
  • Location: du Nord Village
  • Sleeps: 4 (in summer with added platform tent), 2 (during fall, winter and spring sessions)
  • Main Room: 1 Full Bed
  • Adjoining Platform Tent: 1 Bunk Bed with 2 Twin Mattresses
  • Kitchen
  • Fireplace
  • Lake View
  • No indoor bathroom
  • No running water in fall, winter or spring

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Sans Souci