Pontoon and Fishing Boat Rental

Rentals are based on availability and may be reserved at camp.

Fishing Boat Rental

$50 for half day / 2 - 4 people

Pontoon Rentals

$100 for half day / 4 - 8 people

Cookouts & Overnights

Explore Bear Island Lake on a cookout or overnight!

All equipment, with the exception of sleeping bags and personal gear (i.e., rain gear, toiletries, etc.), is available in the COVE. Our staff will help in planning your cookout or overnight, and assist you in packing out your equipment and food for your special family get-away. Groups are limited to nine members, including one staff if you choose to have one accompany your family.

*Staff led options will still be available this summer for cookouts. Please note that staff are required to lead by kayak only and will not be able to join any family members in a canoe.

$7 per person

$10 per person.

*Kids ages 0 – 3 are free.

The Activity Sign-up Form must be filled out and received 7 days prior to your session at camp. Please email completed forms to CNLstore@ymcanorth.org. You may also sign up for these experiences once you arrive to camp.