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Work Weekends

May 14 - 16, 2021


May 21 - 23, 2021


Help us get camp ready for Summer 2021. Registration is required. Space is limited as cabins will not be shared unless with family/quarantine members. Only one registration per family/bubble. Meals will be provided Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. 18 + (Campers or younger participants can attend with a parent or guardian)

As a way to keep you, our volunteers and our camp community healthy and safe, we ask that you agree to the following social contract:

  • Follow physical distancing guidelines and keep a 6ft distance between your/your family and others on camp. 
  • When indoors, other than in your own cabin, please wear a mask.  
  • Please adhere to all signage around camp for closed spaces, staff only spaces, exit and entry points, and capacity recommendations. 
  • Perform daily health checks- please monitor the health of yourself and the others in your cabin family. If there is a change, please inform a staff member immediately. 
  • Wash hands often and help us clean and disinfect high-touch spaces and program equipment when possible. 
  • Please read cabin cleaning instructions and assist us at the end of your stay in getting ready for the guests that come after you. 
  • Have fun, breathe the fresh air, relax, play and enjoy camp! 
  • Even though we are asking that everyone at camp practice physical distancing and increased safety protocols, that does not mean we are discouraging socializing!
  • We are happy to have you here and we are grateful for your energy and commitment to supporting Camp Warren!

Each cabin is cleaned and disinfected using Alpha HP which is CDC approved and EPA certified.  Each cabin’s high touch points will be cleaned with chemicals aimed at killing the COVID-19 virus – door handles, light switches, thermostats, and all bathroom fixture handles and touch points. Where you touch – it will have been cleaned with a focus on your safety. Our team members will wear gloves and masks while cleaning to ensure your safety as well as theirs. We also encourage you to bring your own tools (drills, hammers, etc.) if you have them.