In this challenging year, our team members have worked hard to advance our mission. We are humbled by those who also chose to make a financial gift to the Y.

Inspired by this generosity, the Y’s Board of Directors voted unanimously on December 18, 2020, to publicly thank all staff donors, both current and former, with a resolution of gratitude.

Whereas, the Y of the North, along with the communities it serves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and elsewhere, was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic;

Whereas, the Y of the North was dismayed and shocked by the tragic murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020; 

Whereas, the entire Y of the North organization pivoted its focus, energy, and programs to support people caught up in the devastation – spiritual, physical, and emotional – that followed these twin crises of 2020;

Whereas, the people who have served as Team Members of the Y of the North have endured personal as well as professional impacts stemming from these events, including for many, the loss of their paid positions within the Y organization; 

Now therefore, let it be resolved that the General Board of the Y of the North, on behalf the entire organization, with deepest gratitude, recognizes the dedication and generosity of all Y Team Members who worked to advance the Y’s mission, volunteered outside of work hours, and/or made financial gifts, which strengthened the Y of the North and the communities it serves.

The General Board specifically recognizes the more than 1,700 Y Team Members listed below who made a financial contribution to support the Y of the North at some time in 2020: 

Anonymous (56)
Amanda Aadland
Jewyls Aaron-Schenck
Norma Abbott
Shukri Abdi
Khadra Abdille
Cabaas Abdulkadir
Cubay Abdulkadir
Ahmed Abeidalla
Missi Abel
Amaya Abrahim
Anab Abtow
Jackie Abts
Tom and Marti Abts
Felipe Aceituno
Jesse Acosta
Amber and Jeremy Adam
Clark Adams
Megan Adams
Sam Adesiji
PJ and Deb Ahler
Mark and Sandra Ahles
Anab Ahmed and Ali Abdirashid
Cody Aho and Callie Meiners
Erica Akehurst
Pauline and Andrew Alba
Tangut Alemayehu and Gashaw Ayele
Roberto Alfaro and Lori McLaren
Huda Ali
Darren and Hayley Alick
Keri Aljets and Dustin Fischer
Will Allan
McKenzie and Jeff Allard
Leslie Allen Nejedly
Darla Allen and Dilan Holscher
Elle Allen
Nina Allen-Young and Dave Young
Heather and Robert Allison
Allison and Andy Altepeter
Anna Alvarez
Amy Amberg
Jill and Keven Ambrus
Maria Ancheta
Kai Andersen
Brittany Anderson
Caytie and Mark Anderson
Jackson Anderson
Kathy and Eldon Anderson
Kevin and Nicole Anderson
Lakeesha Anderson
LaVae Anderson and Joe Louwagie
Leah Anderson
Roz Anderson
Sara Anderson
Shane Anderson and Ashley Chaney
Virginia Anderson
Felipe Andrade
Scott and Jill Apple
Holli Arguelles
Sarah and William Armstrong
Gail and Joel Arne
Dorothy Arseneau
Gretchen Artig-Swomley
LaReesha Ash
Ashraf Ashkar
Adiam Asmerom
Izaya Atkinson
Janet Atkinson
JoAnne and Roland Aumock
Anne and Brian Aune
Nikki and Craig Aurelius
Katie Aus
Samantha Axelson
Randa Ayoub
Lindsay and Alonzo Azoca
Brenda Bader and Donald Weber
Nisreen Bader
Angie and Mamadu Bah
Erik Bahr
Joshua Bandy
Taylor Bangert
Matt Banz
Chris Barber and Anne Freeman
Sarah and Jace Barbera
Heidi and David Bardwell
Gary Barker
Nicole Barrett
JC Barrientos
Patricia Barry and John Pierce
Alex and Jason Bartels
Lisa and Jim Bartlein
Doris and Tim Baylor
Cara Beauchaine
Savanna Beaurline
Camella and William Beckfeld
Matthew Beckwith
Zach Beddow
Gianna Bedford
Elizabeth Behnke
Catherine Beki and Richard Paul
Nichole and Jacob Belleavoine
Amy and Michael Belmont
Kylie Benda
Joshua Benesh
Suzy and Ed Benford
Sarah Bengen
Jenny Bennett
Becky and Garrett Benson
Tiffany and Paul Benson
Beth Berg
Sara and Adam Berge
Joseph Berger
Jennie Berglund and Shawna Jahns
Tyler Bergquist
Joel Berling
Paul Berowski
Kasey Berthiaume
Melissa Bester
Oliva Bhagwandin
Kate Bickett
Cris Bickman
Lindsey Biebl
Alexa Billadeau and Zach Schmidt
Vicki Billings
Chelle and Bill Bird
Brooklyne Birk
Breanne Bischoff
Abby Bisek
Raymond Blackledge
James Blankenship
Taylor Blaylock
Tamara and Eric Bleisner
Noah Bleskachek
Emily Bliss
Mackenzie Blizzard and Alexander Manfredini
Sharon and Glen Blomgren
Rigel and Katie Bloome
Gabe and Paula Blott
Jodi Blowers
Benjamin Blue
Matt Bodin
Allison and Ryan Boes
Dacia and Mark Boeyink
Rebecca and Isaac Boike
Adrielle Bollin
Camille Boman
Vicki Bonilla
Tedra Bonner
Jill Boon
Kelly Boos
Adam Bornholdt
Hannah Bosak
Trent Bosak
Ann and Greg Boser
Lana Boskovic
Jessica and Jimmy Bostic
Jimari Bostic
Tina Bottolfson
Anthony Boucher
Shawn Bouton-Keith
David and Alexa Bowling
Mike and Kim Bowling
Kathy and Gary Boyle
Kaylee Breeggemann
Erin Brennan and Sidney Felber
Lynn and Troy Brenneman
Vicki and Steven Brewer
Kaylyn Bridgeman
Sophia Bridgeman
Sheila Brinker
Kala Brittan
Mary Britts
Patricia Brock
Ginny and Rawley Brodeen
Ashley Brogger
Mary and Brian Brooks
Ethan Broom
Lesly Brown
Peg and Steven Brown
Nick Brown
Susannah and Chris Brown
Tami Brown and Ahmed Mohamed
Lorrie Bruce Fane
Anna and Claudia Bruhn
Sheri Brunner
Jessica and Brad Buche
Sara Buckner
Courtney Bullock and Taz Mutenga
Maria and Brian Bunes
Carrie and Andrew Burch
Kathleen Burdick
Braydon Burds
Jamie Burk
Breanna Burmester and Aaron Hillstead
Christine and Terry Burns
Sean Burns
Skyler Buro
Jacklyn Burrell
Barb and David Bursey
Lisa and Aaron Bushberger
Pedro Bustamante
Marty Butler and Sara Guerdette
Susan Butler and Mary Makens
Nikki and Justin Bye
Kendra Cable
Jeff Cain
Christine and Jack Calkwood
Denise Callen
Abrielle Campbell
Jeanine Campbell
Karen Capistran
Lisa and Nate Carey
Christie Carli
Rachel Carlisle
Kathy Carlsen
Christina Carlson
Libby Carlson
Jessica Carlson
Nathan Carolan
Alicia Carpenter
Adriana and Paul Carr
Larry Carr
Julia Carson and Jason Doocy
Allyson Carter
Daniel Carter
Becky Carver
Alexa Case and Jonathan Dornbach
Fayedayshaya Casey
Marianne Cassels and Steve Hawkins
Chelsea Castro
Carolyn Caswell
Joseph Cellette
Jasmine Cervantes
Jocelyn Cervantes
Theresa Cervantes
Joseph Chacon
Juan Chacon
Erika Chambers and Tim Engel
Chitshia Chang
Julie Charlson
Pete and Stacy Chase
Stephanie and Michael Chauss
Max Chavez
Kristina Chea
Sunny Chee
Nathaniel Chevako
Ann Christensen
Owen Christensen
Jill and Chad Christenson
Steven Christopherson and Jordyn Lehman
Mariola and Tomasz Cincio
Tomasz and Mariola Cincio
Erica Claessens
Emily Clare
Liz and Patrick Clark
Elizabeth and Derrick Clark
Erin Clark
Linda Clark
Josh Clarke
Thaysen Clay
Trina and Kyle Cloutier
Cara and Philip Coen-Pesch
Dan Cohen
Debbie Cohen
Anastasia Cole
Tammy and Richard Coleman
Glenna Colerider-Krugh
Steve and Stacy Coley
Jenny and Nick Colianni
Tyler Collver
Scot and Ann Combs
Pat and Dave Comfort
Staci and Ed Congdon
Josh and Kristen Cooan
Jennifer Cook
Becky Coons and Codi Coon-Marlow
Meghan Cosgrove
Jolon Cotter
Rob Couillard
Jena Cox
Kellie Cox
Linda Crable
Emylee Crawford
Karleigh Crepin
Linda Crosson and Dave Posavad
Levi Cuchna
Kathy Cummings
Megan Cunningham
Elaine and James Curley
Hannah Curtis
Tonya and Dan Cusick
Madison Cutler
Michael and Brenda Czarnik
Amanda Dack
Kelsey Dadi
Dave Dahl
Naomi and Douglas Dahl
Sarah Dailey
Adam Daire
Chandra and Adam Daire
Jason Dally
Dru and Shamarah Dalton
Krista Dammen
Becky and Mark Danberg
Chris and Carmen Danch
Nancy and Neil Danielson
Nate and Jodi Danielson
Courtney Danis
Maria Darkey
Jay Darrell and Anna Cullen
Erin Darsow
Kara Darst
Lisa Darveaux Ehret and Steven Ehret
Sandy Dass
Archibald Davis and Connie Hernandez Davis
Ashley Davis
Craig and Kimberly Davis
Dawn Davis
Jennifer Davis
Kelsey and Andrew Davis
Shaina Davis
Amy and David Dawson
Laura and Scott Day
Heather Dayton and David Crever
Luke DeBace
Yvonne Decker
Heather DeFrance
Theresa Degrace and Dan De Grace
Natalie Delgadillo
Maria Delgado
Jennifer and Ragendra Deoraj
Tamra and Mark DeRee
Justin DeRusha
Lara Deshler
Kelsie Deters
Maria DiCicco
Gina Dickey
Gina Diekman
Kayleen and Thomas Dillard
Dave and Cheryl Dinger
Rayna Dixen
Malaika Dixon
Cindy and Rich Dockendorf
Elizabeth Doerr
David Dominick and Joe Keenan
Melissa and Greg Donovan
Chantal Doriott and Thomas Syfko
Renee Doud
Yolonda Dowd
Amy and Ryan Dowhower
Nicholas Downs
Nancy Drake
William Drake
Jonathan Dregni and Karin Odell
Maddie Drew
Nicci Drinkwine
Ariana Driscoll
Heather Droen
Laila Dubay
Jacalyn and Bob Dubois
Madeline Dubois
Nick and Kiley Duchow
Pam and Gary Duckert
Michelle Duer
Jenna Duffy
Madison Dunitz
Barbara and Alan Dupay
Cindy and Grant Durhman
Karen Ebben
Stephanie Eckardt
Ciera Eckert
Abby Eckstrom
Thomas Edmond
Kayla Edwards
Daniel Edwardson
Ellen and Phillip Egelston
Alissa Ehrich
Renita Eidenschink and Rick Wendt
Cindy Einertson
Pennie Eisenbeis
Tara and Doug Eisterhold
Bob and Beth Elfstrand
Jessica Eller
Cyn and Aaron Ellickson
Roger Elliott
Brian Embrey
Jim and Cory Emil
Pam and Tom Emison
Mary Endersbe
Kathryn Engel
Rollie Engler
Paula and Ken English
Keri Entzminger
Carson Erickson
Kathy Erickson and Mark Peterson
Kristi and Blake Erickson
Kylie and Kirk Erickson
Mary and Greg Erickson
Taylor Erickson
Mackenzie Erpenbach
Jose Escobedo
Alyssa Nicole Esplana
Kim and Eric Etter
Jo and John Evans
Mari and Craig Evans
Joseph Everson
Mark Everson
Rebecca and Joel Evink
Amanda Ewers
Christian Fagerwold
Shannon Fahey
Jason and Lindsay Fahl
Alyssa Fahrenkamp
Fred Fallah
Candis and Duane Fancher
Tia Farnsworth
Darlene Fenner
Mike Ferber and Betty Otto
Meghan and Matthew Fiala
Eddie Ficklin
Andrea Field
Mindy and Joshua Field
JoQuyse Fields
Joe Fifield
EuGena Fike
Becca and Zach Fink
Rob Finlayson
Sara and Niall Finn
Meghan Firkus
Lisa and Peter Fisher
Dawn and Mike Flasher
Dylan Fleigle
Andrea Fleming
Sonya Fleming
Liz Flinn
Kathleen Floberg
Raeann Flood-Dargis
Elisa and Michael Foley
Katharine and Brian Foley
Claire Foner
Rhea Fosco
Kara and Tom Foskett
Dawn and Chris Foss
Erica Fossum
Karen and Dean Fox
Kelly and Shawn Fox
Thomas and Alisha Fox
Elaine Francis and David Yauch
Joanne Francoual
Lynsey and Joe Frantz
Flynn Franzen
Miranda Frederick
Tyler Frederickson
Ebone Frederickson-Hanspard
Sarah Freiling
Keli and Colin Friden
Jan Friend
Jan and Brad Fritz
Dominique Frost
Julia Funni
Trisha and Mark Funni
Kris and Adam Gabel
Shareece Gabriel
Karrie and Keith Galetka
Ariel Garcia
Dylan Garcia
Ben Gardner
Lillian Garrett
Daryl Gartner
Bethany Garvin
Heather and Darcy Gates
Niki and Brian Geisler
Kim Gemlo-Bush and Robert Bush
Susan and Chris Georgacas
Sarah and Chris Gerlach
Andy Gibbons
Marne Gibbs-Hicke and Mike Hicke
Denise Gibson
Jessica Gibson
Nicole Giese
Jordan and Brandon Gilb
Paul and Deanna Gindt
Kerry! and Jackie Givens
Laura Gjestvang
Terese and Ken Glenn
Jeri Glick-Anderson and Charles Anderson
Cynthia and Mike Glidden
Dajah Godbolt
Stazi and Aaron Godin
Kaileigh Goehring
Wendy Gohr and Todd Kuester
Maricela Gonzalez Chinos
Megan Gooden
Shaun Gordon
David Gottschalk
JoJo and Mark Goulding
Emily Grace
Philip Gracia
Sue and Andy Grage
Deborah Grant
Kelci Green
Gabe and Jen Greener
James and Elaine Gregorich
Whitney Greilanger
Andrew Gremmels
Kim Grengs-Oman
Susanne and Gary Griffith
Alexandria Grimes
Craig Grimes
Tina and Ryan Grimes
Emma Grisanzio
Chuck and Laura Gross
Dave and Katie Grote
Alexio Guadarrama
Stacey Guilfoyle
Spencer Gulbrandson
Jabir Gulet
Carrie Gullickson
Glen and Nancy Gunderson
Stephanie and Tony Gunderson
Yesenia Gusek
Brenda Gustafson
Nik Haas
Angie Haasch
Heidi and Timothy Hackbarth
Tad Hadtrath and Jennifer Johnson
Caroline Hagen and James Burau
Kristie and Bradley Hagen
Linda Haiby
Steve Haiden
Halle Haines
Kathy and John Hajduk
Sarah Halby
Sean and Sara Hale
Grace Halley
Nina Halverson
Laura and Lucas Hamann
Emma Hamilton
Oliver Handel
Steve Handke
Nick Hanks
Michael Hanninen
Brittney Hansen
Dorothy Hansen
Ashley Hanson
Christine Hanson
Lauri and Frank Hanson
Rob Hanson
Madalyn Harding
Jacqueline Harens
Pierce and Krystle Harrington
Carmen and Lester Harris
Richard Harris
Shane Harrison
Courtney Harrness and Ashley Filipp

Julie and Bryan Hart
Kendra and Matt Hartranft
Ruweida Hashi
Savannah Haslow
Meghan Hatalla
Colleen and Mike Haubner
Jacob Hawkins
Alexander Hawton
Sandra and Dave Hayden
Nicole Hayek
Ben and Mak Hayes
Jennifer Hayes
Mak and Ben Hayes
Marilyn Hayes
Robin and Jason Hedrick
Joanne Heebink
Jordan Hegberg
Gregory and Rosemary Hegi
Kelly and Paul Heidecker
Andrea Heil
Chuck and Joyce Heille
Camden Heimerman
Kraig Heit
Whitney Held
Jon Heller
Hallie Hemric and Zeke Oaks
Griffin Henjum
Megan Henke
Missy Hennen
Jake Herbst
Lourdes and Benjamin Hergert
Adrian Hernandez
Claudia Hernandez
Jessica Hernandez
Margaret Heskett
Chris Hess
Lauren Hibbing
Tyler Hickman
Shawn Higdem
Nichol Higdon and Maurice Clark
Bella Highet
Myles Hill
Erin and Derek Hinrichs
Anthony Hinson
Jennifer Hintz
Karla Hirsch
William Hitt
Hayle Hobbs
Jasmine Hobson
Madeline Hodapp
Shane and Mindy Hoefer
Elizabeth Hoey
Timothy Hoffard and Cassandra Veeder-Hoffard
Andrew Hoffman and Laura Hannah
Mackenzie and Brandon Hoikka
Casey Hokanson
Jocelyn Hokkanen
LilyAnn Holden
Andrea Holland
Mason Holland
Katie Holmes
Jac and Keith Holtan
Tamara Holtan
Greta Holupchinski
Amanda and Ryan Hooper
Indira Hope
Nancy and George Hord
Ray-o-Sunshine Hornung
Susan and John Horton
Adonis Houmas-Schulte
Denise and Chad Howard
Rebecca Howerton
Terri and Charles Howley
Ariana Hoyer
Paul and Karen Hoyer
Mary and William Hullsiek
Carole and John Humphrey
Eddie Hune
Courtney and Darrin Hunter
Naoko and Jim Huschle
Anne and Paul Hussian
Debbie Hutson
Barb Iacarella-Fudali and Jim Fudali
Joni Iaquinto
Riss Ihde
Mark and Diane Ihrke
Liana Illa
Merilee Inman
Barbara and Richard Isaacson
Stacey Ivy and Terrell Ayers
Leslie and R. Suryanarayanan Iyer
Mayra Jacinto and Sergio Cumatz
Ben Jack
Katy and Mike Jackson
Melissa and Francis Jackson
Trinity Jackson
Barbara and James Jacob
Sarah Jacob
Ebonee Jacobs
Tonia Jacobsen
Amanda Jacobson
Derrick and Kari Jaeger
Yassin and Miranda Jama
Jason James
Joe Janda
Kinga and Slawomir Janosz
Annie Jansen
Ashan Jayasuriya
Jordan Jeffers
Dawn Jenkins
Rose Jennings
Dean and Shereen Jensen
Miles Jensen
Stephanie Jensen
Thomas Jensen
Tracey and James Jensen
William Jensen
Olivia Jewison
Carlos Jimenez Gil and Meliza Aguilar
Ashley Jirik
Alex Johnson and Tom Melhorn
Annia Johnson
Ashlyn Johnson
Donna Johnson
Heidi Johnson
Janice Johnson
Jean and Lonnie Johnson
Karissa and Ben Johnson
Leah and Matthew Johnson
Lorie and Timothy Johnson
Monique and Eric Johnson
Quinnesha Johnson
Rachel Johnson
Ric Johnson
Amanda and Jonathan Johnston
Marci Johnston and Cam Moore
Bryn Jones
Derek Jones
Megan and Phillip Jones
Rachael Jones
Buffalo Bob Jones
Sarah Jordan
Makenzi Jorgensen
Jennifer Jorgenson
Angie and Eric Juergens
Katherine Jury
Lauren Kacmarynski
Virginia Kaczmarek and Jim Dockstader
Gwyn Kaderlik
Ernest and Joeleen Kaehler
Gabriela and David Kaiser
Anne and Lewis Kamiri
Michael Kane
Nkechinyere Kanu and Emeka Kenu
Dave and Antonella Kapping
Christine Karim
Amanda and Lawrence Kasay
Emily Kathman
Dmitry Katkov
Quincy Kaubisch-Varnado
AnneMarie Kaul and Timothy Fischer
George Kawalawu
Bonnie Kee-Bowling and Dwight Bowling
Beth Keen
Pat Kegley
Mayala Keita
James and Peggy Kellems
Peggy and James Kellems
Alex Keller
Autumn Keller
Elijah Kelley
Mary Kelley and Pamela Hough
Joshua Kelly
Kara and Jeff Kelly
Jamie Kenealy
Claire Kennedy
Hannah Kent
Patricia Kenyon
Katy Keohen
Natalie Kerr
Linda Ketchum
Steve and Sarah Ketter
Eric and Jess Keyes
Jess and Eric Keyes
Yolanda and Thomas Kibwana
Bobbi Kiehn
Katherine and James Kiely
Chelsea Kiewel
Susan and Josh Killian
Elliot Kimmes
Simon Kimmes
Betty King
Janie King
Kasey King
Becky King
Erin Kinney
Gary Kinney
Joshua Kinney
Brian and Jennifer Kirk
Caitlin Kirk
Kate Kirkpatrick
Tracy Klaphake
Janet and Paul Kleeberg
Kim Klegstad
Kellie and Mark Klein
Roxy and Bryce Kline
Eric Klingaman
Ryan Klingaman
Julie Klinker
Eva Kloos
Tonya Knaak
June Knauss
Alana and Ryan Kniefel
Allyson Knowlton
Donald and Lynne Knox
Deborah and James Koenig
Deborah Kohlhardt and Luke Hennen
Nina Koller
Ting Kong and Daoco Nguyen
Kelly and Victor Konopliv
Andrew Konter
Michael Kooiman and Peter Pitkin
Raelyn Korinek
Denis Kornberg
Sean Korsmo
Jon Kortebein
Lori Koshenina
Danielle Kosidowski
Taylor Kosman
Chris and Erin Kost
Namik Kovac
Gordon and Heather Kramer
Rachael and Michael Kramlinger
Jana Krautkramer
Megan and Paul Krengel
Kade Krohn
Lee and Leah Kroll
Corrie Kropelnicki and Jessica Longtine
Amy and Jonathan Krueger
Terri Kruger and Rock Schindler
Adam Krummi
Kelly Krutz
Kianna Kubitza
Jeredon Kuehn
Thad Kuehn
Angela Kuhlman
Sam Kujawa
Laurie Kumferman
Mike and Karen Kunz
Zachary Kunzer
Jay Kurvers
Ana Kush
Colin Kuzma
Jessica Kvam
Dawn Labiosa
Angel LaBrant
Peggy Lacroix and Jeffrey McMahon
Lynette LaForte
Jody Lagerquist
Andre Lam
Jody Lammer
J. Michael Lammer
Emily Lammert
Anita Lancello Bydlon and Joe Bydlon
Eric and Laura Lancrete
Monica Landeros
Amy Landvik
Daniel Langenfeld
Morgan Langer
Jake Langevin
Andrea LaPoint and Joe Gray
Indrajeet Larsen
Jaquelle Larsen
Judy and Clarence Larson
Karen Larson
Kristina Larson
Lana and Mike Larson
Lauren Larson
Susan and Jeffrey Larson
Evelyn LaRue
Justin Lassen
Jolynn and Dan Lassonde
Chaquanna Lattimore
Raylin Lau
Christie Lauer
Maria Isabel Laureano-Andres
Mike and Laurie Lavin
Helen Le
Leah and Rondell Lebeau
Amanda and Bradley Ledermann
Emily and Joel Lee
Kevin Lee
Monica Lee
Ntseegsiab Lee
Sharon Lee
Victoria Lee
Isaac Lehman
Lauren Lemay
Matthew LeMay
Stacy and Philip LeMay
Sue and Daniel Lenne
Sylvie and Jonathon Lenzen
Pat Leppink-Shands
Amy Letourneau
Lorena Leveille
Beth and Michael Lewis
John and Alisa Lickteig
Althea Lien and Deric Moffitt
Jake Linahon
Meyrut Linares Castro
Bonnie Lindberg
Laura and Tyler Lindeman
Laura Linder
Orville Lindquist
Kelli and Chris Little
Jessica Liu
Abby Lo
Andy Loats
Leasa Lockard
Ted Loenser
Jeff Lonjers
Lacy and Mike Loosbrock
Evelin Lopez
Alicia Lovato
Katie and David Lowe
Lindsey Lowe
Mackenzie Lucas-Kennedy and Thomas Kennedy
Amanda Lucky
Jamie Lukehart and Sam Hobbs
Jasmine Luna-Sandifer
Ava Lund
Jessie and Nathan Lund
Laura Lund
Meghan Lund and Dale Caudill
Patti Lund
Doug Lundberg
Michelle Lunde
Tom and Amanda Lutes
Logan Lutz
Carrie and Charles Lyles
Laura and Lyle Lynch
Christa Maack
Dylan and Raquel Maas
Savannah Maas
Sophia Maceda
Mark MacGillivray
Megan Mack
Jen MacPherson
Susan Madsen
Nathan and Heather Maehren
Anne Maertz
Kayley Magnuson
Maddie Maher
Molly Maier
Brigitte and Jack Malone
Sarah Malosh
Leslie and John Maloy
Jesse Mamaril and Georgia Korsah
Stephanie Manderscheid
Megan Manor
Kayla and Joe Manske
Kaarin and Greg Mantz
Johnnie Mapps
Josh Marberry
Stacie Mariette and Christofer Muenster
Chad Marker
KT and Pete Marker
Eliseo Marquez
Isabella Marquez
Ashley and Tyler Marshall
Ambrose Martell
Jennifer Marth and Tony Brickner
Dawn Martie
Erika Martin
Lexi Martin
Jeff and Theresa Martin
Jennifer Martin
Mo Martin and Craig Schimnich
Sedric Martin
Tess Martin
Miguel Martinez
Linnea Martinson
Michael Martinson
Rollo and JoAnne Marz
Irene Mason
Meagan Matrejek
Abby Mattfield
Kristine and Janice Matulka
Laura Mauer
Meg and George May
Katie Mcalpin
Shanna and Eric Mcarthur
Anna McCabe
Ron Mccargar
Teresa and Joseph McCarthy
Alicia and Randy McCullum
Michael McDermott
Nora McDonald
Ashley McEwen
Amy McGarness
Timothy McGee
Katie McGinn
Morgan McGinnis
Alanah McGrail
Molly McHale-Skoro and Robert Skoro
Robert and Yiqing McHugh
Brianna McKnight
Moriah McLendon
Alexa Mcmillan
Deborah and Thomas McNamara
Kathy and Timothy McNeely
Mahlet Mehari
Mary and David Meidinger
Claire Meier
Beza Mekonene
Kerry Melnyczenko
Tea and Shane Melton
Rich and Cristina Melzer
Alejandro Mendoza
Sarah Menz
Maria Merino and Iris Candelaria
Gedric and Jennifer Merritt
Lynwood Meyer
Nikki and Greg Meyer
Lisa and Chet Michaelson
Julie and Len Michelson
Ashtan Mickelson
John Middleton
Anne Miklya
Ashley and Dustin Milbrandt
Allison Miller
Austin Miller
Holly Miller
Jenny Miller
Michelle and Mark Miller
Neva Miller
Richard Milles and Patricia Rizzi
Francesca Mindajao
Kari and Mark Minea
Jen Misgen
Meech Mitchell
Cassandra Moe
Teresa and Paul Moes
Cory Mogren
Fadumo and Shirwa Mohamed
Farhiya Mohamed and Ayuub Ali-Abshir
Tara and Jason Monack
Andria Monson
Anne Moore
Wayne Moore
Melissa Moore
Quentin and Janae Moore
Roger Moore
Maria Morales
Madeline Moran
Lindsey Moreland and Zachary Brennan
Andrea Morgan
Jazzmen Morgan-Pettiford
Brock Morris
Cheyanne and Greg Morris
Melissa and John Morris
Steve and Christine Morris
Joan and Craig Morrison
Linda Morrison
Melanie and Tom Mortensen
Mike and Michelle Moseng
Rylie Moseng
Jordan and Kevin Mossing
Maddie Mott
BaoYia Moua
Ann Moulton
Cici Moulton-Pirkl and Andrew Pirkl
Laurie Mount
Dan Mouw
Erin Moynihan Kohout and Chrissy Kohout
Elizabeth Mueller
Gayle and Tom Mueller
Becky and Makiri Mullen
Melissa Mullenmeister
Jennifer and Nicholas Mulvey
Caasha Mumin
Angel Munguia
Morgan Muraski
Anne and Kevin Murphy
Jennifer and Jeff Murray
Niall Murton
Jen and Thomas Myers
Allison Naber
Michael Natt
Amy Nawrocki
Christine Nehls
Patti Neiman
Abigail Nelson
Alexis Nelson
Alyssa and Ryan Nelson
Christopher Nelson
Dan Nelson and Eman Zohdy-Nelson
Sissy Nelson
Liz Nelson
Emilee Nelson
Jalaysia Nelson
Jenner Nelson and Stacy Grega
Kathy and William Nelson
Kathy and Dan Nelson
Maddie Nelson
Max Nelson
Teri and Dave Nelson
Patricia Nelson-Atherton and Jerome Atherton
Jeanna Nesbitt
Tally Nesvold
Natasha Nibbe
DeAnn and David Nicklay
Bruce and Susan Nielsen
Lozan Nigus
Culver Nile
Kurt Niska
Laura Nitti
Chris Niu
Lisa and Robert Nordman
Jennifer Northrup
Tiffany Norton
Betty and Tony Notto
Amanda and Christian Novak
Steven Novak and Jennifer Kloeber
Kennedy Novitsky
Nadia and Jose Nunez
Raho Nur
Anders Nygaard
Dan O'Brien
LeeAnn and Shawn Ockwig
Terrina O'Conner
James O'Connor
Jordan O'Connor
David and Michele Odalen
Cynthia and Thomas Ohs
Marissa Oien
Kel O'Leary
Malissa O'Leary
Michael O'Leary
Amanda Oliver
Kenya Ollie
Brenda and Scott Olson
Christine Olson
Elijah Olson
Elisa Olson
Ellen Olson
Eric Olson
Hart and Caitlin Olson
Kyle Olson
Michelle Olson
Saadia Omar
Gina and Auggie O'Meara
Naseema Omer
Charles Ommen
Banyaeni Opiew

Lumiko and William Opse
Minda Orina
Teron Ormond-Miller
Antonio Orozco
Faiza Osman
Tanya Osterberg
Barbara O'Sullivan
Sahra Othman
Katie O'Toole
Mary O'Toole and Terry Bentley
Angie and Cory Otto
Stacy and Derek Otto
Khadija and Brahim Ouachani
Chelsea Ouellette
Christina Ovall
Carole and Rolf Overlie
Tom Overstreet
Daimon and Dawn Ozment
Dawn and Daimon Ozment
Nina and Pete Paavola
Ella and Andrew Packingham
Phil and Jamie Pagel
Kaitlyn Palacios
John Palm
Kay and Donald Palm
Jenna Palmer
Alysia Paredes
An'N'isa and Curtis Parker
Hannah and Michael Parker
Wendy Parsons
Summer Parzyck
Antonio Pastrana
Kate Patrick
Isaac Patterson
Christie Paulsen and David Morehouse
Kristi Paulsen
Mary Pavlak
Greg and Angela Pawlowski
Sara Pearson
Matt Peckham
Jessica Pedersen
Audra Peery
Christie Pehoski
Rachel Pel
Amanda Pelkey
Katherine Pellant Kaufman
Betsy Pendergast
Becky and Randall Pepin
Nancy Percival
Brice Percy
Jackie Perez Deaton and Benjamin Deaton
Fredo Perez
Armando Perez
Luisa Perez
Dana PerkinsGoodrie
Jon Peters
Bill and Cynthia Peters
Ashley Peterson and Bryce Barrett
Jordan Peterson
Kim and Craig Peterson
Linda and Rick Peterson
Pennie and Kris Peterson
Randy and Amanda Peterson
Riley Peterson
Sandy Peterson
Scott and Tami Peterson
Chase Petron
Julie and Linden Pfeiffer
Sabrina Pflepsen
Totrinh Phan
Courtney Phillips
Miranda and Jeff Phillips
Karen Pick and John Pierce
Lisa Pickar
Robert and Monica Pihlaja
Elaine Pihlstrom
Melissa Pillatzke
Brittany and Jobany Pinales
Kayla Pinter
Nicole and Brian Plagge
Kim and Matt Ploeger
Kristin and Andrew Poffenberger
Tamara Pojar
Jennifer and Scott Polman
Thomas Polson
Beck Pope
Jorge Popoca
Jorge Popoca-Santana
Michael Popovych
Meri Poppler
Matt and Kristen Poppleton
Michelle and Michael Porath
Judah Porter
Janyce Potter Erickson and Don Potter
Diane Pottratz
Bailey Prather
Diane Prescott
Toni and Ross Primack
Keely Proeschel
Jennifer and Steve Proper
Muggs Prosser
Stacy Quickstad Reiff and Andy Reiff
Carmen Quinlivan
Cathy and Brian Quinlivan
Paige Quinlivan
Mac Quist
Dennis Rabushka
Chessa Rader
Brianna Radford
Mohsin Rafi
Bradley and Sarah Rahn
Emily and Russ Rahn
Kevin Raigosa
Julie Railsback and David Hilden
Tonya and Steve Rak
Samantha Ramgren
Jermin Ramsarran
Teresa and Charles Ransom
Heather Rastorfer Vlieger and Daniel Vlieger
Kim and Mary Lou Ratz
Kate Ray
Annie and Ryan Reddy
Paul and Rashelle Redmon
Jeana Reed
Kelly Reed
DiJon Reese
Krystle and Jason Reese
Rachel and Chris Reeves
Mary and Patrick Regan
Shannon and Mark Reierson
Megan Reilly
Brooke Reiner
Lydia Relling
Arturo and Maria Reyes
Heather Rice
Dan Richter
Mark Richter and Mallory Warner-Richter
Jordan Riddle
Jessica Riehm
Melissa Ritchie
Tiffany Rittler-Foley and James Foley
Justus Rivard
Mary and Rick Rivard
Terri and Michael Roach
Jared Roberts
Mark Roberts
Sam Robertson
Kristi Robideau and Shane Paulson
Sharron and John Robillard
Lisa Robinson Gustner and Gary Gustner
Dana Robran
Bernardo Rodriguez
Renae and John Roehl
Carl and Alice Rogan
Kristin and Thomas Rogers
Beth Rohde
Russ and Lisa Rohloff
Lauren Rohr
Patricia and Barry Roloff
Elizabeth and Stephen Romanecz
Efrain Romero
Mitch Rood
Monica Rosales and Patrick Evans
Abigail Rose
Allison Rose
Pat and Duane Rosenberg
Renae and David Roufs
Amy Rowan
Daniel Rowan
Melody and Dean Royse
Laura and Jim Rubin
Molly and Scott Ruby
Margaret and James Rumpca
David Runeberg
Charlotte Rupp
Randy Ryder and Jill Ulman-Ryder
Tracy and Lyle Ryman
Ellie Sabby
Valerie and Kevin Salley
Nancy Salmela
Kathleen and Michael Salvatore
Jarred and Brianne Sampson
America and Miguel Sanchez
Josue Sanchez
Lianna Sanders
Gary Sandin
Laura and Sam Sands
Mohamed Sandy
Rosalva Santana Cayetano
Anthony Sargent
Niamh Sass
Alyson and Sean Sauter
Misti Schaaf
Laurie Schafroth
Lindie Schallenkamp and Blake Mackenzie
Abbie and Charles Schaller
DeAnn and Jason Schardin
Jason and DeAnn Schardin
Zoe Schearer
Melissa and Jeff Schenck
CeCe Scherbel
Sarah Scherbel
Sam Scheuneman
Jenna Schiller
Tina Schilling
Jake Schiltz
Nicole Schiltz
Jake Schimetz
Janelle Schirmers
Kelli Schleicher
Lauren Schleicher
Ann Schlender
Melissa and Ryon Schleppenbach
Madison Schlussler
Judi and Nelson Schmidt
Sami Schmidt
Jen and Joe Schmitt
Stephanie Schmitt
Alex Schmitz
Lindsay Schmohe
Peggy and Gregory Schmoll
Amy and Nick Schneider
Angela Schneider
Cassandra Schneller and Julian Coffman
Alyssa Schreck
Rosemarie and Joseph Schreier
Diane and Paul Schroeder
Ann and Ralph Schulte
Holly and Pete Schultz
Melissa and John Schultz
Morgan Schultz
Sara and Gabe Schultz
Stephen Schuster
Jennifer Schutt
Shannon Schuver
Nancy Schwartz
Shira and Michael Schwartz
Samantha and Corey Schwietz
Tina and Brian Scott
Ravin Scott
Deb Seiberlich and Mark Nelson
Sophia Seidensticker
Cheryl Seidl
Ann Sellers and George Moye
Carolyn Selness
Ann Selva
Marjorie Semonick
Faith Seppi
Jerelyn Seth
Tammy Sexton
Stephanie Shadick and Christian Johnson
Dave Shaw
Janet Shaw
Lily Shaw
Liam Shelhamer
Jennifer Shelito
Katelynne Shelley
Clinton Shepherd
Jenny and Tim Shilts
Sarah Shimek
Craig and Carol Shirley
Taryn Shirley
Denise Shirley-Carter and Rick Carter
Yohanis Shitta
Kristen Shouman
Adriel Showers
Michaila Siftar
Denise Silva
Hannah Silva-Breen
Hannah Silvestri
Anca and Danut Sima
Kurt and Fay Simer
Christine Simning-Flor and Steve Flor
Ann Simon
Dave Simpson and Julie Stucky
Molly Sinclair
Julie and Tim Sinks
Andy Sinykin
Taylor Sitar
Mary Jo and Dennis Skellenger
Jen Skjerven
Chantal Skon
Cathy Skrip
Brian Skunberg
Daniel Slotten
Mary Small
Connor Smeed
Alecia Smith
Christopher Smith
Claire Smith
Joe and Lindsay Smith
Mark and Becky Smith
Matthew Smith
Tommy Smith
Wendy Smith
Katie and James Sobanski
Lucia and Steve Sobiech
Debra and Joseph Sodomka
Ladhan Sofe
Evelyn Solano Gutierrez and Sergio Solano
Shelly and Garett Solberg
Tanja and Albert Solem
Jennifer Soltys
Andrea and Daniel Sorenson
Pamela Soukup
Tracy and Bruce Spinks
Catherine and Nathan Springer
Jon and Karie Spry
Jon and Kim Spry
Kim and Jon Spry
Janet and Weston Squires
Sara St. Hilaire
Craig and Melanie St. Sauver
Traci and Christopher Staples
Connie and Byron Starns
Roz Steele
Michelle Steffenhagen
Susanne Steinbach
Carla and Tom Steinbring
Jim and Elizabeth Stellon
Starlena Stephens
Joe Stevens
Alexis Stewart
John and Judy Stewart
Kyle Stewart
Noah Stickler
Luke Stoffel
Tara Stoffel
Tiyah Stone
Anna and Cory Stopka
Lucia and Phillip Strand
Abigail Streed
Allen Strom
Annika Sturm
Karri Sturm
Jennifer Sudmeier
Casie and Katarina Sulzie
Jennifer and Doug Svestka
Patty and Douglas Swanger
Kit and Erin Swanson
Jennifer Swanson
Justyne Swanson
Mikayla Swanson
Raymond and Danielle Swanson
Stacy Sweeney and Ian Payne
Carsen Syke
Savannah Syke
Nikki Sykora
Jennifer Tanner
Carrie and Paul Tatro
Mary and Chris Taverna
Brittany Taylor
Sara and David Taylor
Mathurin Teby Bahoule
Rose Tendoh
Bryan Terrell
Abigail Tesch
Jessica Tessier
Hanna Tetzlaff
Christopher Texeira
Lisa Thackeray and Jason Hughes
Malenda Thao
Patia and Randy Thao
Shouna Thao
Yang Thao
Robin Thayer
Katelyn Thesing
Sheryl Theuninck
Darryl Thibodeaux
Mary and Gerry Thole
Andy and Jen Thomas
Jen and Andy Thomas
Lana Thomas
Naomi and Jon Thomas
Robert and Jennifer Thomas
Jon and Debbie Thomford
Calli Thompson
Dennis Thompson
Jacqui Thompson
Keith Thompson
Suzanne Thomson
Suzanne and Steve Thorn
Heather and Joshua Thurow
Megan Thurow
Cindy and Jim Tiedke
Megan and Michael Tieszen
Jill Tietz
Michel and Matt Tigan
Barb Timm
Taylor Tinkham
Lidiya Tkach
Kevin and Amanda Tocko
Hayley Tompkins
Matt and Laura Tompkins
Kathy Tonsager and Jamal Karon
Grace Torgerson
Kennedy Torgerson
Matthew Torgerson
Cleotilde Torres Selvan
Jessica Totino
Kathy and Doug Tran
Thuy-yen Tran
Faaryn Treanor
Adam Tronnes
Courtney and Matthew Troyer
Bruce Tyler and Nancy Giguere
Britt Tyrrell
Will Ullrich
Pam Ulman
Kelly Underdahl
Lane Underdahl
Justin Underwood
Peter and Paulette Vadnais
Laura Valdez Rosaldo
Ari Valentin
Becky Van Dyke
Dalton VanBlaricom
Leah and Tim Vandecar
Tristan VanDell
Peter Vang
Berdie and - Vann
Ramona and Scott Vann
Fred Varney
Jolicia Vasquez
Isabel Vazquez Leyte
Rebeca and Juan Vazquez
Stephanie Veatch and Bill Sharbono
Yolanda Vega Andrade and Francisco Andrade
Vanessa Vensas and Chad Pechacek
Christian Verduzco Martinez
Colleen Vickerman
Kevin and Judy Vieau
Laura and Alex Villano
Don and Steve Vine
Marcy and Kevin Virts
Laura Voelker
Cate Vosejpka
Anne Voy
Karen and Duane Voy
Benson Vue
Jessica Vue
Kia Vue
Suzie Vue
Don and Debra Waddle
Morgyn Wade
Jani Wagner
Jessica Wagner
Matthew Wagner and Alexandria Nelson
Paul Wagner
Greg and Sebastian Waibel
Kadija Wako
Sam Walcheski
Bettina Waldman and Marty Kjella
Cynth Walker
Sarah Walker
Hedy and Eli Walls
Katie Walters
Maria and Ben Waltman
Ann Walton and Paul Hildebrant
Nancy and James Walz
Shana Wang
Alex and Alex Ward
Liz Ward
Ellen Ward and Thomas Pederson
Bri Warren
Leah and Josh Waterman
Constance and Fay Watson
Mike Watson
Margaret and Marc Watt
Michael Watts
Julia and Ian Watwood
Nick Weber and Jana Graczyk
Jacob Weidenbach
Stephanie Weil
Jennifer and Jason Weinzirl
Ami and Patricia Weisbrich
Emily and Stinkypants Weise
Jessy Weiss
MJ Weiss
Valin Wells
Molly and Dave Welshons
Jean Wennerlyn Johnson and Paul Johnson
Robert Weseman
Amanda and Ben West
Connor West
Pam and John Wester
Samantha Westgaard
Kevin Whitby
Dawn and Clarence White
Melissa Wicklander
Jordyn Wiggert
Karl and Sheri Wilbur
Sheri and Karl Wilbur
Troy Wildenberg
Abby Will
Nicole Will
Steven Will
Trent Willard
LT Williams
Martha and Eric Williams
Robin Williams
Shamra Williams
Teanna and Natasha Williams
Cara Willis
Danielle Willits
Brittany Wilson
Ralph and Christine Winn
Amber Wittibslager
Jessica Wittwer
Andrea Wodele
Shauna Woffinden
Dorota and Michal Wojtak
Allison Wold
Emilee Wold
Erika Wold
Tracy and David Wold
Leah Wolke
TL Wolvert
Don Wood
Charles Woolery and Heather Knoke
Jennifer Wright Collins and Andrew Collins
Sage Wright
Tammy and Scott Wright
Sharon Wunsch
Lynda Wyman
Kalias Xiong
Tijlim Xiong
Ally Yang
Benjamin Yang
Ivan Yang
Melissa Yang
Sue Yang
Youki and Jason Yang
Tari and Daron Yates
Zuleyha and Ramazan Yesil
Gina Yi
Sarah Yonkovich
Teri and Robert York
Brittany Young
Maddy Youngblood
Leah Younkers
Nicole Yungers
Jesse and Ashley Zachay
Aliyah Zachow-Rodriguez
Pamela Zais
Amanda and Ruben Zamilpa
Mike Zarling
Yvonne Zarnstorff
Brenna Zavadsky
Judy and Scott Ziemkowski
Anna Zimmer
Joseph Ziskovsky and Jami Perrault
Noah Zobitz
Jenna Zowin