In light of the uncertainty created by the increased impact of coronavirus, closure of schools and the increased need to provide essential services for the most vulnerable in our community, we are confronted with a moment of truth. How best can our YMCA serve the community and support efforts to keep our community healthy and safe?

For over 164 years, we have always been an organization that walked in the direction of a challenge. Today we must focus our resources on those who need us most during this unprecedented time.

In the near term, we are pivoting our resources to best support the most pressing needs in our community. We are aligning with our community partners to serve parents who must work including health care workers, first responders and "essential" employees protecting our community. These families need safe and reliable places for their children and we will be there for them.

As of the end of business on Sunday, March 15, our Y fitness, health and wellbeing centers, pools and camps will be closed. We plan to restore full operations on March 30 in concert with the current school schedule. It is probable that this date will move as we learn more on the fight against community spread of coronavirus. If you are checking on scheduled programs and events at your Y, please go to www.ymcamn.org/update-hub and this will provide a list of all postponements and cancellations.

If you participate in before and after school programming that the Y provides in your school district, we are continuing these services for essential workers. Please check our website for additional information.

If you are enrolled in the Y's Early Childhood Learning Centers, our Centers remain open during regular hours and your child will continue to receive care by trusted teachers. If you have any questions, please check out our website at ymcamn.org.

In addition to these vital programs, our Y will continue to provide support to young adults we serve through our Youth Intervention Services and University YMCA programs. Our dedicated teams will be communicating directly to these young adults and provide the help they need.

Our Y team will be reaching out to our ForeverWell members to check in and see how they are doing. We are committed to the seniors in our community and want to let them know that we are here for them – always.

Finally, to support your health and wellbeing goals we are offering Y360, an exciting new YMCA on-demand fitness program for adults and kids to do at home. You and your family can exercise together and have some fitness fun! You can access it today at Y360 On-Demand. Also, for your wellbeing and mental health, we encourage you to get out into nature and to check out these 10 mindfulness tips.

As you can see through these various programs and services, your Y is committed to be there for those who need us most and we ask that you join us in the effort. We ask that you continue to invest in your membership so that we can maintain vital life-changing and life-saving programs at the Y. If you prefer to put your membership on hold, please contact us and we will do that for you, but we invite you to join us in service to others needing our help. We know your membership is meaningful to you and that meaning lies in the relationships you have built at the Y. Those relationships are based upon how much you care about our community and want everyone to have the opportunity to thrive – no matter what our world is facing. Thank you for joining us.

We are closely working with community leaders and will continue to communicate with you on when we will reopen our fitness, health and wellbeing centers, pools and camps to serve everyone.

In the meantime, we hope that you will join us in our efforts to serve those in our community who need us most. Thank you for your support as we work diligently to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Best regards,

Glen Gunderson 
President and CEO 
YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities