What session options can I pick with the subscription?

You can choose desired subscription of 4, 8, or 12 monthly sessions

When do I receive access to my sessions?

Personal Training Subscription is a monthly payment plan, drafted for the 1st of the 15th of the month. Once registered with a subscription you will immediately have access to chosen monthly session amount (4, 8, or 12)

Does the subscription have a virtual option?

Yes. You can work with your trainer on a flexible schedule between in person or virtual training sessions.

May I purchase 1 subscription package that I share with someone in my household?

Yes, we will accommodate sharing subscriptions within a household. Meaning you will share the total monthly session subscription amount (4,8,12). If you are looking to train together, we recommend purchasing buddy training packages instead. 

What If I get sick and must miss a week or two of sessions?

Our 45-day expiration on subscription sessions provides extra flexibility and time to use your monthly sessions to accommodate for illness, injury, travel, and other potential conflicts.

What about accommodations for extended personal or business travel plans?

You can double up on appointments before or after travel to ensure you have a plan while away and/or return.  Or you can choose a virtual personal training session option. 

What if my trainer needs to cancel an appointment?

You may reschedule to future days or weeks, prior to the 45-day expiration date or reschedule with another trainer on our team.

Can I put my subscription on hold if unable to continue training temporarily?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capability of putting your Personal Training Subscription on hold. You will need to cancel your subscription and restart when you are ready to return.

What happens if my Personal Trainer is no longer personal training for the Y?

Your local Wellbeing Director will be happy to help connect you with a personal trainer who will continue advancing you through your goals. 

What if I have a Personal Training package already and want to switch to subscription? 

You can finish your current personal training package and then switch to subscriptions.

What will the cost for Personal Training Subscription be?

COMING SOON, the Monthly Personal Training Subscription Options will be:

60-Minute Training Package

  • 4 Sessions: $232/$58 per session for members, $312/$78 per session for non-members
  • 8 Sessions: $448/$56 per session for members, $608/$76 per session for non-members
  • 12 Sessions: $648/$54 per session for members, $888/$74 per session for non-members

30-Minute Training Package

  • 4 Sessions: $156/$39 per session for members, $236/$59 per session for non-members
  • 8 Sessions: $296/$37 per session for members, $456/$57 per session for non-members
  • 12 Sessions: $420/$35 per session for members, $660/$55 per session for non-members