A “kettlebell” is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. Using these weights in the pool, class participants are taken through a variety of movements all designed to develop strength, mobility, internal energy, work capacity and vitality. This is the ultimate class for the water fitness enthusiast and all around fitness.

Discounted for Members

  • Age 15+
  • Level: All
  • Registration required
  • Limit 6 participants per class
  • Cost for members: $12 per 30-minute class, $16 per 45-minute class, $20 per 60-minute class
  • Cost for non-members: $18 per 30-minute class, $22 per 45-minute class, $26 per 60-minute class

A Typical Class

Classes take place in our heated indoor pools. Participants will combine cardiovascular endurance work, muscular strength, and core and balance exercises including:

  • Double arm swings (leg variations optional – based on advancement of participants)
  • Squats
  • Orbits (around waist and head)
  • Modified Dead lifts/rows/upright rows
  • Rack position/single arm presses|
  • Lunges (front, back, side, curtsy)
  • Figure Eights
  • Windmill
  • Wood Chops
  • Single Arm Swings (leg variations optional – based on advancement of participants
  • Clean and Press


  • Full-body conditioning
  • Increased resistance to injury
  • Improved mobility
  • Increased endurance
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased strength
  • Major calorie burning
  • Reduced body fat

Tips + Preparation

New to class? Arrive a little early so our instructor can give you some pointers.

  • Keep a firm grip on your kettlebell
  • Whenever possible, do not let kettlebells touch your body
  • Always use proper form
  • Check out our Kettlebells Intro Video for more specific advice
  • See your doctor first to get clearance for any new exercise program 

Equipment Needed

  • Kettlebells
  • The Y provides all equipment for this class

Attire and What to Bring

  • Come to class dressed and ready for the pool
  • Proper swim attire is required (swim suit), Water shoes are encouraged
  • Water, towel, aqua jacket/shorts (optional)

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