If you missed LAUNCH or you want more clarification about what your role will be at the conference, check out the corresponding curriculum document for your program area below:

Dress Code and Packing Guidelines

These are rough guidelines and are not exhaustive. See your delegation director and/or the Code of Conduct for advice and a more complete list.

What to Bring

  • Proper clothing (see below)
  • Food (can bring coolers and snacks for room – especially breakfast foods)
  • Money for meals and swag
    • Meals average about $10 at the Skyway and Suburban Avenue restaurants
    • Swag is available and ranges from a few dollars for knick knacks to $40-$50 for YIG sweatshirts, etc.
  • Program Materials (copies of written materials produced, research materials)

What Not to Bring/What Not to Do

  • Large amounts of money
  • Expensive jewelry, etc.
  • TV-based video game systems (can damage hotel TVs)
  • Portable Speakers
  • Delegates cannot drive their own cars

Examples of Appropriate Attire for Program Hours (Meetings and Assemblies)

  • Collared dress shirt (including button-downs, blouses or polos)
  • Sweaters, suit vests, suit coat, blazers, ties
  • Dress pants (including khakis), dresses, skirts, belts, suspenders
  • Dress shoes are required to be worn all day – flat shoes/low heels are good choices


  • Hems of dresses/skirts must be 2 inches above the knee or lower for all functions – business or casual.
  • Denim, in any form, is not considered part of professional attire.
  • Cultural or religious dress fits within dress code standards; appropriation of cultural dress is not permitted.
  • Undergarments must be worn. Visible undergarments are not permitted.
  • Hats are only permitted in outdoor settings.
  • Pay attention to conditions – dress for Minnesota weather, transportation and terrain, including coats and footwear.

Examples of Appropriate Casual Attire (Evening Activities, etc.)

  • T-shirts, sweatshirts
  • Jeans, corduroys, shorts
  • Tennis shoes, sandals, most closed-toe footwear

Never Appropriate for Any Delegate/Advisor at Anytime

  • Any clothing with inappropriate language or imagery
  • Any see-through, low cut or extremely tight-fitting clothing
  • Tube tops or bare midriffs
  • Pajamas or any other sleeping attire
  • Slippers or bare feet