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General Information

North Star
Official State of Minnesota website. This site is the pathway to many other sources of state government information

MN Legislative Reference Library
This page has a great section on "Minnesota Issues" which can help when developing bill topics, news articles, cabinet reports and lobbyist papers

State Government Topic Links
This page has many links to topics dealt with by state government and can be searched using key words.

Legislative Branch

Minnesota House of Representatives
Official House of Representatives website. Links to Journals, Rules, Schedules, Status of Legislation, etc. Also includes the publication, "Session Daily", a daily list of information about the committee and floor action of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Minnesota Senate
Official Senate website. Links to Journals, Rules, Schedules, Status of Legislation, etc. Also includes the publication, "Senate Briefly" - a weekly newsletter about the activity of the Minnesota Senate.

Minnesota Statutes
Link to current Minnesota Statutes and key-word search capabilities for researching topics for bill-writing. Can download text of statutes to incorporate and modify for YIG bills.

Parliamentary Procedure Guide
Quick Reference Chart for Motions and other information for parliamentary procedure

Judicial Branch

MN Supreme Court and MN Court of Appeals
Official state courts website. Links to current Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and District Court opinions and information.

MN Supreme Court and Appeals Court Case Citations
Archive of court decisions in Minnesota.

US Supreme Court Case Citations
The Oyez Project of Northwestern University. Includes option to search a database of US Supreme Court decisions and access the text of decisions.

University of MN Law Library
Links to a variety of legal resources through The University of Minnesota's Law School, including links to law libraries of other Minnesota Law Schools. Also contains a directory for county law libraries.

University Law Reviews
Connection to Law Journal Reviews on the web for searching by keyword. Can be used for some advanced research on topics of case law.

Case Brief Summaries
Search engine for case briefs written already linked by real attorneys. Can be used for advanced levels of research.

LawRunner Legal Research Tool
Site which allows for queries on law-related information.

Minnesota State Bar Association

American Bar Association

Executive Branch

Office of the Governor & Lt. Governor
Official Website for the Governor and Lt. Governor

MN State Government Office Links - State Agencies
This is the complete connection to all forms of government entities, especially good for linking to various state departments and agencies.