We know that starting a delegation is a big leap. Now, you can get a look at Youth in Government and find your next step!

What is this all about?

The opportunities for discovery and growth in Youth in Government are virtually limitless. Once you see the program in action, it becomes a lot easier to get a delegation started in your local area. This 24-hour experience of Model Assembly allows your future delegation leadership the opportunity to do just that. 

The experience will be noon on Saturday, January 11, to noon on Sunday, January 12. If you come, you will have the opportunity to see the program at both the Capitol Complex as well as at the hotel and your students will even get some hands-on time in the program. In addition, you will get to experience dinner in the Skyways first hand as well as participating in the evening activities.


  • See the program in action
  • Get a jump start on starting your delegation
  • Meet YIG participants from across the state
  • See all the program area options


January 11 – January 12, 2020


One or two adults & two or three future delegation student leaders


Minneapolis Hilton
1001 Marquette Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota State Capitol Complex
75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
St. Paul, MN 



This experience is free and includes:

  • Transportation during your time at Model Assembly
  • Program tours of both the Capitol Complex and Hilton Hotel spaces
  • Time for students to participate in various program areas
  • One night of evening activities (Trivia, Karaoke, Movie Theatre, YIG Fest, and Crafts)
  • One night in the conference hotel

The following is not included:

  • Transportation to and from the conference
  • Meal expenses (two meals during program time, two meals on your own)