Sports leagues are a great way for teens in grades 9-12 to stay active, continue honing their skills, meet new friends and have fun. Sports vary by location and time of year.

Leagues include the space and equipment needed to play, plus an official to score each game. The YMCA does not provide uniforms. You play a minimum of 8 games over 8 weeks

Registration fees:

  • $350 per team (total)
  • $45 per person (if registering individually)

Team sports

3on3 Basketball

This classic sport was invented at the YMCA.

  • 3min – 6max players on a team
  • 3 team members can play on the court at  one time during all games

Register for 3on3 Basketball


This classic sport was invented at the YMCA.

  • 5-10 players for a team
  • 5 team members can play at a time during games

Register for Basketball

Team sports requirements

  • Your team might travel to play against other YMCAs around the metro area.
  • At least six teams need to register to run a sports league.
  • Choose to sign up as a custom team with your friends and classmates—one person can gather information and register the entire team. Or, sign up individually to be placed on a team.
  • Your team needs to have matching light and dark T-shirts to wear during games.