Youth Sports Leagues & Classes

Health and Safety in COVID-19 Updated January 18, 2021

To ensure the health and safety of our sport participants, spectators and staff members, we have made updates to some of our COVID-19 health and safety procedures. Please review the following information so you can be best prepared!

What to Bring when participating in YMCA Sports:

  • Photo ID 
  • Face Mask (indoor requirement for those 6 years of age or older) 
  • Water Bottle (with name clearly marked on it) 
  • Game Shoes – Gym Shoes or Cleats 
  • Sport Uniform – Jersey/T-shirt and Black Shorts/pants 
  • Any Additional Sports Equipment 
  • Locker room use is discouraged 


Spectators at Practice

  • Spectators are not allowed at practices; however, this does not prevent one parent, guardian, or support person from being present for youth with a disability or medical condition or for youth 7 years of age or under.

Spectators at Games 

Outlined below are those requirements for games, scrimmages and competitions January 18, 2021:

  • All spectators, both YMCA members and guests, will need to check in at the front desk of the YMCA that they are attending and complete a series of health screening questions (health screening questions can be found below). 
  • A maximum of two spectators will be allowed to observe a league game on behalf of a single participant. 
  • Both spectators and participants are required to be checked into the Personify software system at the front desk with names, email and a phone number to ensure a quick notification if a positive COVID-19 develops. 
  • Spectator ticketing will be administered in advance to the game with each participant being issued two “tickets” for spectator use. 
  • Face masks are required by all spectators at all times. 
  • Spectators will be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering into an indoor gymnasium or viewing space. 
  • Spectators will be required to comply with the appropriate venue guidance and capacity limits including a venue capacity max of 150 people and a gym capacity of 25% (additional information on gym capacity as it pertains to sports is under Sports Program Areas). 
  • Spectator admission and entry times will be staggered to minimize crowd congregation and overlap in highly trafficked areas 
  • Spectators MUST remain 12 feet from participants or will be included into capacity guidelines. 
  • At most venues seating is not provided but Spectators may bring their own chair if they wish. 
  • Spectators from different households must remain 6 ft. a part


  • Participants are strongly encouraged to come dressed to play upon arrival. Face masks are required to be worn by participants at all time this includes on the “bench,” practices, warm ups and during indoor competition. 
  • Participants are asked to fill their water bottle and use the restroom before arriving to their sport event in an effort to limit the use of communal space. 
  • Participants are asked to avoid arriving to their sports event no more than 10 minutes before the start time to avoid overcrowding. 
  • Participants will be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering into an indoor gymnasium or using any sports equipment 
  • Participants will check in with their coach to complete a series of health screening questions for each class, practice or game (health screening questions can be found below in this document. 
  • Participants must maintain 6 feet of distance while on the bench in addition to wearing a mask. 
  • Participants are to check in with their sport coach if there are any questions or concerns. 
  • Participants will be asked to monitor their health throughout their activity and immediately report any sign of symptoms to their sport coach or staff member 
  • If a participant is experiencing any symptoms of COVID, and the parent or guardian is present, they will be asked to take them home immediately. 
  • If a participant is experiencing symptoms of COVID, and the parent or guardian is not on the premise, the participant will be isolated with the aid of a sport coach or staff member until their parent or guardian is able to pick them up and the “Process for Reporting and Responding to a Confirmed COVID-19 Case” will be activated 
  • Sport coaches and referees will wear face masks at all times. 
  • Sport coaches will discourage any intentional or non-competitive contact that is unrelated to direct play (i.e. high fives, handshakes, team huddles, etc.)

Sport Program Areas

Additionally, we have increased our safety measures and cleaning protocols surrounding our facilities: 

  • Gym capacity for Basketball: A full size gym at most YMCA facilities is approximately 99.8 ft. X 72.8 ft. 25% capacity is 87 person capacity with a maximum of 48 participants. Spectators are permitted but you must remain at 25% capacity in the gym, 6 ft. apart from other spectators. 
  • When curtain/divider is down and the gym is divided in half the dimensions are approximately 50 ft. X 36.4 ft. 25% capacity is 40 persons with a maximum of 22 participants. Spectators are permitted but you must remain at 25% capacity in the gym, 6 ft. apart from other spectators. 
  • Indoor sports in other areas must allow for 81 square ft. per participant and must be within 25% of room capacity. 
  • Indoor sport programming, will be a required 10-15 minute break between each session to disinfect equipment and high touch areas 
  • Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations will be available throughout and in all indoor common areas and outdoor spaces where appropriate 
  • All doors leading to sport program areas will be propped open when possible 
  • Separate Enter and Exit doors will be used whenever possible 
  • Drinking fountains will only be available for water bottle refills 

Accommodation Process

The Y considers the individual needs of every person and the ability of the program to meet those needs. Please inform the Y during the enrollment process if you or a family member requires any special accommodation. This information enables the Y to better meet your needs or those of a family member, within available resources and to the extent reasonable. All staff that will be working with you or a family member with special needs will be informed of how to care for or meet those needs. 

    Please contact your regional Senior Sports Director for any questions or concerns regarding YMCA of the North Sports Department COVID-19 policies and procedures.

    Health Screening Questions:

    • Within the last 10 days, has someone in your household tested positive for COVID-19? 
    • Are you currently experiencing any symptoms of illness? 
    • Do you have any concerns with abiding by our new guidelines which include wearing a mask, practicing physical distancing, increased cleaning and monitoring your health while at the Y?