The CYV staff are happy to help guide you through the process if you have questions on how to register. Youth in Government registration is done by delegation and is completed in the dropdowns below.

Are you new to YIG? Do you have questions? Contact the CYV State Office to get started! 


Parents and guardians: The process begins with you. Continue below to register your student for Youth in Government 2023. After completion, you or your student may receive an email stating that there are further steps; please kindly disregard. That email message is outdated and cannot be updated. Once this step is completed, your student is fully registered for Youth in Government 2023. Thank you!

Before beginning registration, please gather the following: 

  • Credit Card – You will need to pay a deposit via credit card. If other accommodations need to be made, please contact your Delegation Director.
  • Financial Assistance – This should be done prior to completing the online registration steps below. 
  • Delegation Name – The YMCA or school that your student is a participant with.
  • Student's Program Area Preferences – During this step of the process, you will select your student's program area preferences for the conference. Please be sure to communicate with them on their top three choices. Program Area descriptions are available in the YIG Brochure.
  • Student's Email – This must be unique and different from your email or any other student's email otherwise their registration WILL NOT WORKThe State Office only communicates with students about YIG-related matters. Student email addresses are never shared outside the YMCA.

A note on Financial Assistance

If you would like to apply online for Financial Assistance from the State Office, you must do so prior to registering above. If approved, you will never need to reapply for scholarship and you will automatically be given financial assistance for any YMCA of the North programming you or your family participates in going forward!



  1. Complete the Financial Assistance process if necessary or desired. Please wait to hear back about your award before moving on to Step 2.
  2. Click “REGISTER NOW” below
    This takes you to the YMCA of the North online registration system.
  3. Click “Register
  4. You will now need to sign in.
    If you have previously created an online account, please use that account so you can enjoy any applicable pricing available to you. Contact the Customer Service Center (info below) if you have any trouble signing in.
  5. Once you are past the login screen, the process is easy.

Register Now

If you have any issues or questions in this stage, please reach out to the Customer Service Center


Please Note: Delegation Directors and the State Office may not be able to provide assistance with online registration questions and may connect you to other services and resources.


Adults, College RAs, and Volunteers can begin their registration here.

ALL adults, including Delegation Directors, Program Specialists, college students, and volunteers MUST complete both the Personify online registration process and the Mandatory Background Check section below.






MANDATORY Background Checks

In accordance with the policies of the YMCA of the North, we need to process background checks on ALL volunteers regardless of their standing or occupation in order to protect the YOTN. Please complete your background check ASAP.

Step 1:

Apply for the "Volunteer - Center for Youth Voice" role on our HR System. 

Note: Only fill out/submit what is required. Things like your resume are optional and do not need to be provided. Things like your Social Security are required and must be provided in order to complete your background check. All data is kept securely in our HR system.

Step 2:

Wait for an email from Accurate, our background check vendor. Click the link in the email to initiate your background check.

Step 3:

Bask in your completeness!


Once you have submitted and competed all steps, your application will be in the hands of Sara Anderson at the CYV State Office. He will process your application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at