The legislature at Youth in Government consists of six different bodies. Four of them, Humphrey House and Smith Senate, as well as Myers House and Spear Senate, are available for 9th and 10th graders while the other two bodies, Sanford House and Knutson Senate, are available for 11th and 12th graders. Prior to YIG, students have the opportunity to write a bill about a state issue that is important to them. At the conference, they can debate their bill and get it all the way to the Youth—or Youth Lieutenant—Governor, one of the highest honors in Youth in Government.

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Legislative Curriculum


There are four options for students wishing to learn more about the courts system: Trial Court for 9th & 10th grade participants, Court of Appeals for 9th & 10th grade participants, District Court is available for those in 11th & 12th grade, and Supreme Court remains an option for folks in grades 11th & 12th grade.


Check here to find your case assignment and your partner. These assignments are updated regularly. Check in with your youth officers or your Delegation Director if you have any questions. 

Get Ready to be in the Courts

Appellate Courts (Supreme and Appeals) Info Packet
Trial Courts (Trial and District) Info Packet

CASES TO BE POSTED by 11/9/2022

Supreme Court

Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals Script

District and Trial Court

National Issues Forum

Delegates in grades 10-12 in National Issues Forum (NIF) have an opportunity that is unique in Youth in Government: they get to debate important and critical national issues with their peers in a forum that is extremely conducive to productive debate. Prior to the conference, delegates prepare a proposal on a topic that they find to be relevant to current events. At Youth in Government, they debate their proposals and can potentially get voted all the way into the top-tier plenary session.

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NIF Info Packet

Delegate Cheat Sheet


Cabinet members represent the Youth Governor (Senior Cabinet) or the Youth Lieutenant Governor (Junior Cabinet) in committee and they help to progress the executive agenda by speaking in favor or against certain pieces of legislation. They work very closely with the Youth Governor and Youth Lt. Governor and their offices. These positions are Appointed Officials.

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Cabinet Training Guide


At Youth in Government, Lobbyists represent over 50 different organizations and corporations and speak on legislation while it's in committee. Once a bill has moved beyond committee, Lobbyists work with legislators in the Houses and Senates to progress their clients' agendas. Lobbyist positions are made by appointment. Delegates can apply to be appointed as a Lobbyist if they will be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade the following year. 

Get Ready to be a Lobbyist

Lobbyist Client List - Use this to find out what client you are representing

Lobbyist Training Manual

Leadership Corps

Leadership Corps serves 8th grade delegates as an introduction to Youth in Government and all the program choice possibilities. Delegates spend the weekend creating bills, arguing court cases, writing media articles, and visiting all the program areas in order to get the best first year Youth in Government experience. 

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Leadership Corps Prep Packet (to be submitted on Regy)