Sustaining our energy and wellbeing through the long complex journey towards health, equity and inclusion can be difficult. Our bodies hold generational and current-day stress and trauma that make it a windy road. Therefore, self-care practices need to intersect with community-care actions to create a successful social justice equation. To support the holistic experience of healing our communities, the George Wellbeing program is providing free group acupuncture sessions daily starting September 8 and running through December 2020 at our Blaisdell and Midway locations. Open to Y members, and the public. Childcare on site for some timeslots. Group sessions are drop-in, no appointment necessary. Stay tuned for more group healing offerings.

GW Group Acupuncture at Blaisdell

Location: Studio D

  • Monday: 9-11am
  • Tuesday: 10-12am
  • Wednesday: 2-4pm
  • Thursday: 10-12am
  • Friday: 9-11am

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GW Group Acupuncture at Midway

  • Monday: 5-7pm (Flex B/C)
  • Tuesday:  2-4pm (Flex B/C)
  • Thursday: 5-7pm (Flex B/C) 
  • Friday: 1-3pm (Flex B/C) 
  • Saturday: 1-3pm (Flex B/C)

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