As a Licensed Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer with over 15 years’ experience in the wellness field, Amy offers a unique, alternative approach to traditional nutrition coaching. Experience has taught Amy, both personally and professionally, that addressing chronic health symptoms through conventional methods alone often do not lead to success. Amy believes addressing the root cause of the symptoms and the person as a whole is essential in optimizing overall health and wellbeing. She recognizes each client as an individual with different nutritional needs and backgrounds. She will meet you wherever you are in your personal health journey to help you move forward towards better health and optimal wellness. In her experience, small changes, consistently over time can lead to incredible and sustainable results. She will team with you to make these changes part of your lifestyle. Her specialties include chronic illness management, weight management, gut/digestive health, food sensitivities, chronic fatigue/pain, disordered eating, sports nutrition, blood sugar management and hormonal imbalances.

Amy loves playing in her kitchen testing out (and sampling!) new recipes with her two young daughters. She believes food is not only fuel and nourishment for our bodies but it should also be fun and taste good! She will help you find joy in your kitchen while making the connections between what you eat and how you feel. In addition to her passion for nutrition, Amy is a fitness enthusiast and will guide you in an active lifestyle that will help you feel your best.

Training and Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics- University of Wisconsin Stout
  • Accredited Dietetics Internship- University of Wisconsin Green Bay
  • Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist- State of Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Certified Personal Trainer- National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Y-USA Certified Lifestyle Coach