Teen Leadership

Teen Thrive programs are accessible to all teens, and can really make a difference—gain confidence, build life skills, give back to the community, make friends and more.

Y’s Start 

This program helps middle schoolers connect with new friends and give back to our community through volunteering. Go on field trips, develop teamwork and leadership skills, plus plan and conduct service projects.

Leaders Club

Leaders Club is directed and powered by teens. It provides opportunities to develop leadership skills and abilities through service-learning activities and projects. Learn to be a leader and help make a difference in our community.


Achievers is a college-access and career-readiness program for those in middle and high school. Prepare for life after high school with guidance from mentors, field trips and goal-setting activities.

YMCA Center for Youth Voice

In Youth in Government, Model UN, and other Center for Youth Voice programs, learn about decision-making at various levels of government, who has power at each level, and how to effectively engage to bring about change on issues that matter to you. Check out the YMCA Center for Youth Voice website to learn about current and upcoming opportunities and how to get involved.

Get involved

Contact Danielle Tucker to explore Teen Thrive programs at the Y.