Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate the health and economic crisis we are facing due to the coronavirus. The impact of COVID-19 has taken its toll on our community, state, nation and world. Organizations across the globe are having to examine how best to move forward and determine how best to operate.

Our YMCA is no different than other organizations and we have had to carefully weigh all of our options to ensure our Y is sustainable today and tomorrow. With our operating model going forward, there are changes to programs being offered so we can be more efficient and align our efforts where we best meet the needs of our community.

We wanted to share an update with you regarding the Downtown St. Paul YMCA fitness and wellbeing center. We will not be reopening our current fitness and wellbeing center. We are exploring how best we can serve as a community hub focused on youth. With our community board and partners, we are determining what programs and partnerships in a YMCA community response hub designed to provide critical, life-saving necessities and services could benefit the local community.  We will keep you apprised of what we discover during our process.

We recognize that this change to the Downtown St. Paul Y affects your Y membership.  We hope that you will keep your YMCA membership and select a new home fitness and wellbeing center at a nearby Y such as St. Paul Midway, St. Paul Eastside, West St. Paul or any of the locations listed here that are most convenient for you. Once you choose your new home site, we will provide you with a free month of membership. As always if you choose to cancel, put on hold or donate your membership fees, those options are available. Please go to this link to choose what works best for you and to let us know if you have any questions. If we don’t hear from you within 30 days, we will automatically put your membership on hold.

We want to thank you for your incredible support of the YMCA and we know that we are asking you to continue your membership with a new Y home location during a time when you are already experiencing a lot of changes due to the health and economic crisis happening in our world. Your commitment to the Y mission is critical and we hope that we will continue to be able to support your health and wellbeing needs.

Our community is big. Stay with us and find a location near you!