Retreats and Trainings

Enhance your leadership in Youth in Government.

Youth in Government participants have an opportunity to take part in a variety of Retreats and Training to build their leadership skills and to prepare for their roles in their respective programs.

These retreats happen throughout the year – taking place at hotels, camps, YMCA facilities, the State Capitol complex, and many other locations. These events mix learning, fun, and relationship-building. Students participate from all over the state; retreats are the chance to meet new people and form lasting friendships outside of school or hometown.

State Steering Committee

2-3 youth from each local delegation become members of the State Steering Committee, meeting 5 times each year and carry out several vital tasks: 

  • Set, interpret and enforce all rules related to youth leadership elections
  • Give advice to the YIG State Office around program changes and improvements
  • Link the statewide YIG program and activities to their home delegations

State Program Committee

Representatives from each program area of Model Assembly and Model United Nations are appointed to serve with YIG Staff, State Board members, and other adult volunteers in order to shape Youth in Government's programming. 

Elected Officer Retreats

Youth Elected Officers meet 4-6 times throughout the year to build their leadership skills and prepare for their responsibilities for guiding the work of 1,900 program participants.

Appointed Official Training Sessions

Appointed Officials are selected by the Elected Officers to help lead the various program areas in YIG programs. These officials come together with the Elected Officers for goal setting, program planning and team building as they prepare to make their mark on YIG programs.

Summer Programs Retreats

Students selected to attend the Conference on National Affairs and the National Judicial Competition prepare for the summer conferences. At separate retreats, they either build their proposals on how to address critical national and international issues or work on their cases and arguments.