Visit the Equity Innovation Center, a space designed to spark curiosity, foster collaboration and promote learning experiences. Located in Downtown Minneapolis, our space is designed to complement each component of your equity journey, with each room serving a unique purpose. 

Collaboration Space

We believe that exposure to different world views is essential for creating a more equitable workplace or community culture. That's why collaboration is at the heart of our Center. Our largest room is dedicated to the discussion and sharing of ideas, with flexible table arrangements and projectors on either end of the room. This space is also where the core of our in-person learning experiences take place.

Green Card Voices

Learn about the real experiences of some of our newest Americans with Green Card Voices. These immersive stories are designed to build an appreciation for the immigrant experience in a America. The space is geared towards hosing intimate, small group discussions that focus on shifting perceptions and promoting empathy with different cultural and racial groups.

Interactive Equity Exhibit

Our Interactive Equity Exhibit is the cornerstone of our Equity Innovation Center. Developed in partnership with the Science Museum of Minnesota, this learning experience offers several interactive and hands-on stations that educate on the complex story of class and race in America. Admission to this experience is included as part of our workplace and community learning experiences.