Casey McGuire, BA, NBC-HWC is compassionate and intuitive in her health coaching style, deeply listening to her clients as they uncover the health goals that are most important to them as well as common barriers they run into when trying to make healthy changes. She believes that in order to change old habits it makes sense to spend time getting to know yourself on a deeper level. Health coaching is a great way to uncover what isn’t always so obvious in our lives, especially if it is buried under all the messages we take in from texts, email, news feeds and demanding schedules.

Health and healing has been Casey’s passion since her early twenties when she found yoga and learned that what we eat impacts how we feel, emotionally and physically, and our planet as well. Out of this passion, she designed her own undergraduate major in health and healing. Experience as a health educator in college and hospital settings, provided Casey with opportunities to teach classes on a wide range of health topics, provide one-on-one instruction, facilitate support groups and to be an advocate for patients navigating complex medical systems. Finding the Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching Master’s program at the University of Minnesota allowed her to bring her passion full circle in the field of health coaching. Going to graduate school in her 50’s is a great example of how Casey focuses on the “growing” aspects of growing older.

Casey is grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside her clients as they identify health goals, work through barriers and achieve their goals.

The wisdom of health coaching, self-awareness, and integrative medicine leaders is a strong influence on her coaching practice, and include the work of Brene Brown, Deepak Chopra, Pilar Gerasimo, Belleruth Naparstek, Thich Nhat Hahn, and Pema Chodran. Her personal self-care practices includes yoga and meditation, healing touch, listening to music, walks in nature and journaling.

Training and Credentials

  • Masters Certificate in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching - University of Minnesota
  • B.A. in Holistic Health and Healing - Augsburg University
  • Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.
  • Healing Touch