After purchasing the book, Yoga for Dummies: Pocket Edition, Chance quickly noticed the benefits of regularly practicing yoga, including reduced stress and soreness. For 15 years after this first purchase, he acquired more yoga books, practiced on his own, and eventually enrolled in the school at Radiant Life Yoga. He has worked with students of all ages and abilities in studios, schools, corporate offices, fitness gyms and private settings.

Consciousness—with practice—is the ability to observe the workings of the mind and body to identify habits and limiting beliefs and how they relate to our physical and emotional health. Our energy, and our purpose in life is revealed through the practice of studying inward. Yoga—defined as union—benefits everyone. His teaching is considerate to you as an individual, while his knowledge of the ancient practice and contemporary research, center on a perspective of connectedness and harmony.


  • Certified Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Yoga Alliance YTT 200, Radiant Life Yoga
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Workshop, Street Yoga, Yoga Sanctuary
  • Tools For Peace- Stop, Think, Breathe Facilitator
  • Mind Up Curriculum Facilitator