Hayl is a certified reiki healer and Thai Yoga Bodyworker, dedicated to helping you feel at home and at ease within your body. Through energetic and somatic practices Hayl can assist you in entering a deeply relaxing state where your therapeutic healing can begin. Rest and relaxation are the cornerstone of regenerative healing, Hayl is here to assist you on your journey of embodiment and inward healing. Hayl’s interest in alternative medicine began in her early 20’s when her mother was undiagnosed with a mystery disease.  Determined to find answers outside of modern western medicine she turned to eastern holistic healing modalities. Through studying Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, and herbalism Hayl realized her sensitivity to subtle energies and the importance of whole being healing. Through Hayl’s own wellness journey she discovered the power of embodiment practices paired with nervous system regulation and has dedicated her life to serving others feel more at home in their bodies. During her free time Hayl enjoys reading books on spirituality and the mind-body connection, painting, collaging, making herbal tea blends, and spending time outdoors.


  • Certified Thai Yoga Bodyworker
  • Reiki Levels I and II Certifications
  • Certified 235 Hour Yoga Teacher Training by Devanadi Yoga
  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach