Sally St. John began her career in integrative care working as a certified holistic health coach in 2009. Her first experience as a health coach was working at a world-renowned living-foods wellness center in Chicago, Illinois, where she founded The Enlightened Wellness health coaching program. The program quickly became the second largest profit center and is still operating today. She went on to found a private practice specializing in supporting women with lifestyle and behavior change during the perinatal, prenatal and postnatal stages of life; optimizing gut, energy/mood, menstrual, and pregnancy health. She views her work as a public health initiative by addressing common functional women's health disorders or syndromes that are often holistically under-served in conventional healthcare.

Today, Sally serves at the YMCA of the North as the founding director of the first-of-its-kind George Wellbeing Center; an integrative model that is working to bring holistic self-healing practices to the front line of lifestyle care. She began her job in health and wellness administration shortly after completing holistic health graduate studies at St. Catherine University. At St. Kate’s, she gained deep competencies in healing the whole-person in addition to an exploration in cultural diversity, indigenous and ancient healing practices, and investigating the historic constructs underpinning today's leading conventional medical systems. She has developed a strong philosophy of mind-body-spirit medicine rooted in social change and holism theory. 


  • Master of Arts in Holistic Health, 2017
  • Certificate in Functional Medicine/Nutrition and Positive Psychology Coaching, 2017
  • Certificate in Energy Medicine (Healing Touch + Reiki), 2017
  • Certificate in Integrative Nutrition Coaching, 2009
  • Bachelor of Science in Education, 2004