As a trauma-informed, board certified, licensed acupuncturist, Tatum Fjerstad aims to meet you where you're at, providing you with tools and resources that make it easier to navigate the world with a greater sense of ease and connection to self. Her areas of focus include pain management, emotional health, reproductive health, sleep support and trauma recovery; and is committed to providing care that puts your needs and wellbeing first.

Tatum was drawn to acupuncture after experiencing wildly successful results in managing chronic pain and anxiety. She learned quickly from her caregivers that the only thing that qualifies any provider to do what they do is their dedication to supporting other human beings on a path of growth and healing. She can’t do this without actively doing her own work, which includes acknowledging and dismantling the oppressive systems that we live within.

When she's not helping others, you can find Tatum playing with and learning about flowers, hiking, kayaking, going on the longest walks, singing by moving bodies of water, practicing new skills like embroidery and keeping plants alive when you have no south facing windows in your apartment, all while daydreaming about nuance, gardens and what the world would be like if people were more honest and a lot nicer to themselves.


  • Master of Chinese Medicine, Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2020
  • Craniosacral Therapy Certification, Heartwood Institute, 2019