What is Virtual Y?

Virtual Y is our first-ever Virtual YMCA. This members-only experience for group fitness and wellbeing is filmed LIVE from our Virtual Studio to stream anywhere. Virtual Y offers 55+ weekly classes, an ever-growing on-demand video library, and a Virtual Meetings schedule from YMCA expert instructors.

What classes are you offering on Virtual Y?

Virtual Y offers a wide selection of over 70 categories of fitness and wellbeing classes, including Strength, Yoga, Cardio Dance, Meditation, Barre Fusion, Pilates, HIIT, Tai Chi, ForeverWell Exercise Classes, and Total Body Conditioning.

Who can access Virtual Y?

Anyone can get access to Virtual for $9.99/month with our new virtual-only membership offering. In addition, Virtual Y is FREE for ALL YMCA of the North active members and team members. Virtual Y is included in the membership at no additional charge. 

How can I access Virtual Y?

Members will be able to complete workouts from their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop and even cast them to view on their large screen TVs at home. Visit ymcanorth.org/virtual-y to login. This members-only experience will be accessible from our website by using your YMCA of the North membership and online account. "Virtual Y" will replace the previously used "Y at Home" tab in the blue header bar on our website.

Is Virtual Y a separate membership?

We now provide a virtual-only membership option, available for only $9.99/month. Virtual Y is also a part of our YMCA of the North membership. As long as you're a member at YMCA of the North, you receive FREE access to Virtual Y. 

Will Virtual Y be expanding beyond its current online program offerings?

Yes. YMCA of the North is discovering new ways to bring the YMCA experience to your screens as we diversify our content and get more of what you love about the Y to you every day, whether you can make it to your branch Y location or you need to stay home.

Is there a trial available for Virtual Y?

Yes! Although you will not get access to the Virtual Y platform, we provide an email series of five videos that should give you a taste of the content within Virtual Y. You can sign up for that 5-day email series here. 

Can I cast Virtual Y live streams and on-demand videos to my TV? 

Yes, you can! Click the small screen with an arrow icon to cast to any TV with casting options or any casting device like Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku.

I'm using Internet Explorer. Why isn't Virtual Y working?

The video player that powers Virtual Y, Vimeo, no longer supports Internet Explorer. Please use a different web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox).

Where can I find a schedule of upcoming classes?

For Virtual Y members, you can view our upcoming classes inside Virtual Y by clicking the "View More" link at the top-right side of the Live Streams section.

For nonmembers who want to try out Virtual Y, you can view our Virtual Schedule here. We will stream the first Virtual Class of the day on Facebook LIVE for FREE. Follow us @ymcanorth to see our morning Live Stream.