Reach your health and fitness goals with a connected fitness experience that helps make the most of your Y membership.

It's time to reach your fitness goals with the YMCA MN App! Our comprehensive connected-fitness experience helps members make the most of their Y experience. The new YMCA MN app allows you to scan into your YMCA facility, check schedules, track your activity, compete with other members for the highest gym ranking, stream a workout on Virtual Y, build training plans, connect with a personal trainer, calculate your BioAge, and so much more. So what are you waiting for? Download our app today!

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So what are you waiting for? Download the YMCA MN App today and get moving!


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What Our Customers Say

"I was recovering from knee surgery and didn't know where to start. I just joined one of Chance's Chair Yoga classes on Virtual Y. It was awesome and assured me I can still 'workout' even while the knee is healing."


Simplify Your YMCA Visit

Forgot your Membership Card? Wondering if there's a Zumba class tonight? No problem. Our app allows you to scan into your YMCA location without your membership card, view group exercise, water aerobics, and gym schedules, and request a personal trainer, all from the convenience of your phone.


Provide Instant Feedback to the Y

Provide feedback on an instructor, class, facility, or piece of equipment so we can improve your experience at the Y. Not only do we allow it--we encourage it! Let us know how we're doing. We welcome both encouragement and opportunities for improvement.


With the YMCA MN app, you can add your membership card (your entire family's cards) so you can sign in quickly for the gym, swim lessons, etc. You can add your fitness trackers to track all of your workouts in one place - creating training plans with your trainer, adding eGym equipment workouts, and signing in through the matrix equipment to see your entire fitness journey in one place. You can see GroupEx classes, find information about your YMCA, and access Virtual Y all in one place.

Go to the Apple or Android app store and search "YMCA MN". There are a lot of YMCAs out there, so make sure you find the right one. If you're on your phone, you can download our app here

The app will automatically push to your device on March 7 if you have auto updates enabled. If you don't, check your device settings for the best way to update your apps.

The app works on Apple phones & iPads, Android mobile phones, and some tablets. We recommend you access it on a mobile device as the app is optimized for those devices. While it may work in other spaces, the app was not designed for tablet users, and the results may be a little clunky.

If you already were signed into the old app, there will be no need to resign into the new app. If you are downloading the YMCA MN App for the first time, follow the instructions below.

Once you have downloaded the app, you create an account. We recommend that you use the email address associated with the email you used to sign up at the YMCA. That way it is easier for you to log into Virtual Y.

If you already have an account, but cannot remember the password, just click the reset password link, and reset instructions will be emailed to you shortly. We recommend that you fill in the profile information because it will have a direct impact on your bio age information and workout history details.

If you had a username, but cannot remember it, reach out to Average first response time for customers is 12 hours. Time to resolution is dependent upon the complexity of the case and the current case volume. Simple account recovery typically takes 48-72 hours to resolve.

Once you are logged into the app, click on the button in the upper right-hand corner of any screen. It looks like a barcode. If you double-tap the barcode, it will get larger which may be easier for the barcode readers to pick it up. If you are an Apple user, you can add your barcode to your apple wallet or download the YMCA MN app for your Apple Watch to sign in that way

On the homepage, click on classes. Search by class type for the class you want to book. Click on the class. If it is open for booking and there are spots left, there will be a purple Book Classes button at the bottom. To book a class, you do need to be logged into your GroupExPro account. For more information on registration, please check out our webpage: Reservations.

In the top left-hand corner of any page, you will see an icon with your initials (or the picture you choose to set). Tap that icon and then navigate to the Connected Apps link. Here you can add any of the tracking apps listed on the page. They are Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, Misfit, MyFitnessPal, Precor, Runkeeper, Strava, Suunot, TomTom, and Withings. You can also sync your XID account, which is all of the Matrix cardio equipment at our YMCAs. If you sync XID, your cardio workouts will automatically sync your matrix workouts to the app without needing a smart device.

From the home screen, scroll down to the “Virtual Y” purple tile. Click the tile, and you will be redirected to the Virtual Y log-in screen. Log into Virtual Y using your login information.

Bio age is a measurement to show how your fitness performance matches up against other people your age. It is calculated on the average of your metabolism, cardio, strength, and flexibility to more accurately reflect your holistic fitness journey. Update your profile information for a more accurate result.

Navigate to the App Profile information as outlined above. At the bottom of the page, you can choose your home location.

Activity levels are different levels you achieve for all of the activity accumulated throughout the day. Whether using a fitness tracker, or eGym equipment, creating workouts and tracking them through the app, logging a group exercise class, etc. you earn activity points. As you accumulate more points, you advance through the different levels. If you change your activity over time, you will move to different activity levels (either advancing or moving backward). For more information on how eGym calculates activity levels, please read more on their blog: EGYM Activity Level

If you still have questions, contact the fitness desk or the member services team member or email us.

Virtual Y FAQ

Virtual Y has the largest library of 4K fitness and wellness content in the YMCA movement. The app has over 5,000 workouts and meditations, with more added weekly. Videos range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes in length. It’s easy to stay motivated when there’s always something fresh, with 55+ weekly live streams and an ever-expanding library of fitness & wellness video series. Custom plans built just for you.

You must have your MyY login information to log in to Virtual Y. If unsure of your account email or password, click the “Find Username” or “Forgot Password” links. If these links are not working, contact our customer service center here.

  • Virtual Y Membership: We offer a stand-alone Virtual Y membership for $9.99/month. You can join as a Virtual Y member here.
  • YMCA of the North Members: All YMCA of the North members get access to Virtual Y as a part of their membership. Your username is the email and password you set up when you joined us. Please reference the question above if you do not remember your username and password.
  • On-Hold Members: If you’ve temporarily placed your membership on hold, you can also access Virtual Y.

Once you are within the YMCA MN App, scroll down and click on the purple “Virtual Y” tile on the home screen. You will be presented with a Login screen. Click the login button and enter your account credentials. If you haven’t used Virtual Y before, you will be asked to create an account using an email address and password. If you do not remember your credentials, click the Find/Forgot Username and Password links. If these do not work, contact our customer service center here.

Once logged in, you should have access to all of Virtual Y’s live-stream classes and on-demand videos.

Scroll down within the Virtual Y tab to the “Categories” tile. Click on the categories tile and browse over 70 unique categories of fitness and wellbeing classes. If you like a particular category and want to be updated on any new classes, tap the heart icon to add it to your Favorites section. Your Favorites can be accessed by going back to the main menu of Virtual Y and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Yes! You can filter your classes by instructor by scrolling down to the instructor row and clicking on the heart icon. The instructor's new on-demand videos, livestreams and new video series will begin to populate your Favorites dashboard.

If you’ve enjoyed a live stream or on-demand video, click the heart icon to add it to your Favorites section. Once you’ve added it to your Favorites section, you can scroll to the Favorites tile and view your custom dashboard for easy access.

We are always adding new classes and formats to keep things fresh on Virtual Y. Sometimes, our instructors go on a hiatus and return after a few months. If you love a class or instructor, let us know! Send us some feedback by filling out this webform here.

Yes, you can! For iPhone/Apple users, click the small screen with an upward arrow icon to cast to any SmartTV with casting options or to any casting device like AppleTV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku. For Android users, casting is not available at this time.