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Camp Menogyn Engagé Program

Engagé Program

The Engagé program offers Menogyn campers the opportunity to earn credit towards the cost of their session through service to camp.

Work campers will earn a credit of $90 (or $108 for the six-day program) towards their tuition for each session they join. The Customer Service Center will automatically apply earned awards to camper accounts. Transportation is provided, round trip, for free.


Engagé sessions are open to registered campers who are currently enrolled in grades 8-12. With the exception of the first week of the summer, Engagé sessions run Monday-Friday. Engages can join us for up to two sessions. Please note: we do not provide supervision to “bridge” multiple sessions. All campers return home on Friday.


Engagés participate in a wide variety of activities to assist in the operation of camp. This includes food related tasks such as setting tables in the dining hall and washing dishes. Engages may also be asked to assist with maintenance such as cleaning biffs and community spaces. Additionally, Engagés plan the themes for welcome ceremonies when other campers return from their trips. Overall, Engagés catch a glimpse of “behind the scenes” at Menogyn and have time for daily swims and other fun activities.

Work Camper Supervision

Up to 14 Engagés will be supervised by 2 Menogyn staff.


Engagés sleep in the Winds Cabins: Upper Winds and Lower Winds.  These beautiful screen cabins are favorite amongst campers, staff and alumni alike. Engagé sessions are all-gender.


Registration is conducted on a first come, first served basis. Campers can register online, just as they do any other session. Once a session is full, we will create a waitlist.

Menogyn Engagé Program

Start Date End Date Grade Gender # of Days
6/16 6/21 8-12 All 6
6/24 6/28 8-12 All 5
7/1 7/5 8-12 All 5
7/8 7/12 8-12 All 5
7/15 7/19 8-12 All 5
7/22 7/26 8-12 All 5
7/29 8/2 8-12 All 5
8/5 8/9 8-12 All 5
8/12 8/16 8-12 All 5
8/19 8/23 8-12 All 5