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Resilinator 2024: Kids and Families


We're bringing back the BOO!-silinator! Our SPOOK-tacular Resilinator is a Halloween-inspired buddy race for ages 5+ up taking place Saturday and Sunday, the weekend before Halloween. Pair up with your buddy (costumes are optional, and always welcome!) and take part in this adventure race with lots of fun tricks, and healthy treats!

Resilinator is a 2.5-mile adventure race on nature trails around Hyland Lake. The course is designed to challenge your physical strength, toughness, and teamwork as buddy pairs.

Buddy pairs are connected by a tether. Their objective is to complete the entire course without breaking their connection.

About Resilinator

event October 26, 2024
schedule 3:00pm-6:00pm
place Hyland Lake Park Reserve
10145 E Bush Lake Road
Bloomington, MN 55438
cake 5 - 99 years
paid $39
For one participant. Discounts available for multiple participants.
Discounts add remove

Multi-Racer Discounts (applied at checkout):

  • 1 Racer - $39
  • 2 Racers - $35.10 / per person (10% Off)
  • 3+ Racers - $33.15 / per person (15% Off)
  • Kids ages 5-7 may race but need to be paired with an adult buddy 18+.
  • Kids ages 8-17 may buddy-up with kids in the same age group or with an adult buddy.
  • Adult Buddies 18+ – This course is designed to be fun and challenging, and a moderate fitness level is suggested.
  • ALL racers must be registered and should select the same start session as their buddy.

At the Resilinator, buddies are connected by a tether that you will be given at the start line. Your objective is to complete the entire Resilinator course without either buddy ever letting go of your tether and breaking your connection.

Buddy Combination Ideas:

  •     Two Friends
  •     Two Siblings
  •     Kid/Parent
  •     Kid/Mentor
  •     Kid/Grandparent
  •     Kid/Coach

Once you've chosen your racing buddy, make sure they register for the event and choose the same time slot that you've selected, so you can start together.

A Chance to Celebrate Resilience

Watch for volunteers wearing masks and capes whose job is to make your race a little more challenging. They may stump you with a riddle or hold you back if you drop your tether or don’t complete obstacles cleanly. It’s all in good fun to teach the life lesson of perseverance.

20 Kid-Friendly Challenges & Obstacles

Never scary, the obstacles are fun and will challenge your teamwork. Featured are balance and strength tests, bear crawls, climb-overs, games, puzzles, riddles, and a resilience test to find your matching race number required to proceed to the finish.

1 Buddy Pair Starts at a Time

We start a new pair every 20 seconds to spread out hundreds of pairs over several hours of racing. This approach allows us to have a big race without the crowding of a big event. Spreading out the racers creates a nice and easy flow from check-in to start, through the course/obstacles, all the way to the finish line and medals. You'll choose a start session at registration, and we’ll guide it from there. 

Everyone's times will vary - we encourage you to experience it at a pace that will uplift and challenge you! The average time to complete the course is as follows:

  • Runners: 30 to 40 Minutes
  • Hikers: 40 to 60 Minutes

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