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Lunta Loft

groups Up to 10 guests
holiday_village Camp du Nord
du Nord Village
event_available Reservations Available
vrpano Panorama
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In 1969, capital funding became available for new construction. The camp needed an additional year-round rental unit in addition to Thor's. Adapting the plan to the site, architect Milton Berqstedt planned a tall building that seemed to rise right out of the rocky outcropping on which it rests. In Lunta Loft (Lunta means snow in Finnish), the entry provides a wet room for skis and boots; the middle floor offers an open living/dining area plus two bedrooms, and the loft assures adequate sleeping facilities for additional people. There is also a kitchen and two bathrooms. 

  • Bedroom 1: 1 Queen Bed
  • Bedroom 2: 1 Queen Bed
  • Loft alcove Bedrooms: 3 Bunk Beds with 2 Twin Mattresses each
  • 1 Full and 1 3/4 Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Fireplace