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Camp Northern Lights

If you are interested in being a part of the Community Board, please complete the form below. The Executive Director or Executive Committee member will follow up with you shortly after your submission.

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So that we can best understand your current knowledge, interests, and strengths, please try and answer the following questions.

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Each Community Board Member is asked to serve on at least one operating committee. Please rank your committee interest from 1 – 5 (1 being most interested)
This committee focuses on Community Board member recruitment and training. They also aim to ensure a positive board experience by connecting members with opportunities to engage that align with their passions or strengths.
This group leads the efforts of the board and other volunteers in Y Annual Fund, Capital Campaigns, and Planned Giving.  They help determine goals, recruit and train volunteers, share the YMCA story with others in the community and create a plan in order to maximize our impact! All board members are expected to help in the Annual Fund. This committee leads the efforts.
One of the Programs and Evaluation Committee’s main missions is to provide high quality programming during the summers in order to retain high camper satisfaction. This is done by enhancing and defining summer, fall, winter, and spring planned programs in ways that reflect camp feedback and testimonials. It is this committee’s task to identify issues and/or trends from camp evaluations.
The primary focus of the Buildings and Land Stewardship Committee is to assist staff with the upkeep and maintenance of all buildings and shelters on camp property in conjunction with evaluating the current environmental surroundings of the buildings and the Camp Northern Lights property as a whole. Assist with finding efficiencies in project management and offer design expertise when planning renovation, new construction or land management projects. 
The Outreach and Inclusion Committee of the Board helps promote the ideals of community, inclusion, and diversity.  While the committee explores possibilities for increasing the participation of campers from groups that are underrepresented, it is convened to ensure that all family camp programs and decisions take into account core commitments to community and full inclusion.
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