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Ag Ed on the Farm

Through the Agricultural Education program offered at Camp St. Croix, students will experience first-hand the day-to-day operations of a working farm. Program packages are structured around three educational offerings: a study session, time working the ground, and a time to enjoy the harvest.


What does a day of Agriculture Education look like?

  • Study Sessions (2 hours) — During the Study Sessions, students will learn about crop physiology and explore the soil ecosystem on the Farm. These study sessions foster essential connections between the food students eat and its origins in the soil.
  • Work the Ground (1 hour) — There are always things to do on the Farm! Students will have the opportunity to experience seasonal activities, which may include preparing the soil for planting, starting seeds, transplanting seedlings, watering, weeding, harvesting, composting, or any other task needed to take care of the Farm. We will check on the chickens, learn what they add to the Farm, and collect their eggs. This one-hour session will change with the season or even the day.
  • Enjoy the Harvest (1-2 hours) — Students will enjoy the fruits of their labor and witness first-hand how flavorful fruits and vegetables are when they are grown locally and picked at the peak of harvest. During this session, students will learn a new skill set specific to harvesting, preparing, and eating produce.
Program Packages

The Half Day, 3-hour experience includes these two program offerings:

  • Study Session
  • Work the Ground

The Full Day, 5-hour experience includes all three of these program offerings:

  • Study Session
  • Work the Ground
  • Enjoy the Harvest
Pay Structure
  • 3-hour session — $26/student
  • 5-hour session — $37/student 
  • Bag lunches are available for $10 upon registration
More Information

For questions and group registration, email