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Become a Sustaining Donor to Camp du Nord

We're excited to offer financial donors another option for giving. Rather than a one-time annual donation, donors can now choose to commit to automatic monthly donations. Many organizations have moved from focusing solely on annual capital campaigns to year-round sustaining efforts. "Things change through the years, including camper demographics and the amount people can give," explains Stephanie Malon-Rufi, chair of Camp du Nord's Mission Advancement Committee. "Our financial stewardship strategy - the annual fund campaign - remained largely unchanged for years. It was time to revamp fundraising to give us a better idea of continuous income."

This year's fundraising goal is $154,000. Donors have the flexibility to spread donations over 12 months and incorporate their giving into a budget. Plus, it's super easy to set up! And you'll receive a special Camp du Nord Sustaining Member sticker!

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