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The Camp Icaghowan Story

In 1908, Icaghowan welcomed its first campers to a 15-acre site on Green Lake near Chisago City, Minnesota. In those early years, campers traveled to camp by streetcar, horse drawn wagon or hiking. As Icaghowan grew in popularity, the site became too small and in 1949, the camp moved to its current, breathtaking island site near Amery, Wisconsin. Since then Camp Icaghowan has hosted happy campers on its 120-acre site on Lake Wapogasset where a full 44 acres are an island! Close to the mainland, the island is connected by a land bridge built in 1903 by the Wallace family. Our island camp offers unique camping experiences for children ages 7 - 17. All cabins are on the lakeshore and the camp has two bays. Natural bays are almost always calm and protected, allowing cabin groups to canoe to their overnight lakeshore campsites while staying on camp property. Many types of woodland wildlife make the island their home from river otters to barn owls, deer, fox, and more.