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The Camp Menogyn Story

Camp Menogyn was founded in 1922 on West Bearskin Lake outside of Grand Marais, Minnesota. Nestled in the "mid-trail" area of the Gunflint Trail, the camp is only accessible by water and is located adjacent to two entry points the the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

The first campers took the train to Duluth, steamship America to Grand Marais and then a truck to Leo Lake. From there, they paddled and portaged all of their gear and provisions. These campers helped build the original cabins and would take breaks to fish and camp as the building progressed.

Our current facility was built in the mid 1940's by Charlie Boostrom, a well-known log builder of the time. From this base camp, we are able to launch over 150 camping trips a year. Some campers paddle out, others travel as far as the Brooks Range of Alaska, the Rocky Mountains of the West or the rivers of the Far North of Canada.