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Camp Northern Lights Outdoor Adventures

Pontoon and Fishing Boat Rental

Rentals are based on availability and may be reserved at camp.

Fishing Boat Rental

$50 for half day / Up to 4 people

Pontoon Rentals

$150 for half day / Up to 8 people 

Sunset Pontoon Cruise

$50 / Up to 8 people

Mountain Bike Program

Trail System

Campers of all ages will have the opportunity to explore approximately three miles of our newly developed trail system. With three different trail loops, there is an option for riders of all abilities. View trail map.

Bike Fleet

Our fleet of bikes will now include sizes for kids, teens and adults. We have Fat Tire Bikes from Framed available for adults. For kids, we have a variety of sizes with our Trek Roscoe and Marlin bikes.

Programs & Bike Rentals

Campers will have the opportunity to go out for a ride in whichever way they prefer.

  • Programs 
    • Staff will be leading rides for all ages and ability levels. Tailored rides are offered for groups of adults, family groups and camper age groups. 
  • o    Rentals
    • Campers will have the opportunity to bike at their own pace and rent a bike from the Trail Center. 
    • Rental options will be offered during specific days and times during their session.
    • We offer half and full day bike rentals.
      • A morning rental is from 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
      • An afternoon is from 2:30 – 7:00 p.m.
      • A full day rental is from 9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    • o    Cost
      • Half Day: $15 per bike
      • Full Day: $30 per bike
  • We encourage families to bring along their personal bikes. Wearing a helmet is required for all campers when riding on Camp Northern Lights property.


To keep our community safe, we ask that all riders follow the guidelines below:

  • Follow all bike trail signage (stop signs, directional arrows, etc.)
  • Please do not ride on walking/hiking trails
  • Always wear a helmet when riding 
  • Never ride alone – we encourage all ages to use the buddy system 
  • Give other trail users enough space when riding

View bike sizing chart

Cookouts & Overnights

Explore Bear Island Lake on a cookout or overnight!

All equipment, with the exception of sleeping bags and personal gear (i.e., rain gear, toiletries, etc.), is available in the COVE. Our staff will help in planning your cookout or overnight, and assist you in packing out your equipment and food for your special family get-away. Groups are limited to nine members, including one staff if you choose to have one accompany your family.

*Staff led options will still be available this summer for cookouts.

$10 per person

$15 per person.

*Kids ages 0 – 3 are free.