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Custom and Organizational Trips

Bring your group or family to Menogyn to experience the wilderness, connect with each other, and build technical and interpersonal skills. 

Wilderness trips are a great way for groups to build their teamwork and problem-solving skills, while also increasing resilience and compassion. Our experienced guides are highly trained in wilderness skills and group facilitation. School, camp, church, families, and private groups are welcome.

We can provide the equipment, permits, trail guides and food. Your group can be as involved in the planning processes as you would like. Regardless of your involvement, we will craft and customize a program that meets your groups needs and goals. 

Contact Maureen Martin by email for more details and to book your group’s wilderness trip.

If you are interested in bringing your group to Menogyn for a BOLD/GOLD experience, please reach out to Angela Wunderlich by emailLearn more.

Our goal is to support your visions for providing a transformational experience for your group. Please review the following guiding principles and success factors.

Guiding principles:

  • Campers and participants come first. They are the focus of everything we do. We strive to create a safe learning environment that accounts for everyone’s physical and emotional safety. 
  • Quality and high standards are paramount. This is apparent in our conduct and risk management with every aspect of camp. We expect a lot from our campers, participants, and trail guides. We practice minimum-impact camping and industry standard trail policies and procedures to guide all of our actions while on trail. Safety is our top priority. 
  • Teamwork, respect and participation are important values in every Menogyn trip. We are not a guiding service. We expect campers and participants to be active in their trail experience. That means your group will be a part of cooking meals, setting up and taking down camp, and supporting one another through challenges inherent on wilderness trips. 
  • Interactive fun. We have a lot of fun at Menogyn through interacting with the environment and each other. We do not allow drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or technology on our programs. While travelling during the day, expect to play games, chat, and sing. In the evenings, you can look forward to journaling, guided conversations, and games. 
  • Wilderness is a vehicle for spiritual, mental and physical growth. Together we focus on learning respect for self, others and the natural environment. Above all, we provide transformational experiences while having a genuinely good time in the woods.

Group wilderness trip success factors:

  • Your group should come to Menogyn with a leader they know and respect.
  • Upon arrival at camp, your group will attend an orientation session to familiarize you with safety protocols, the uniqueness of Menogyn and our place in the wilderness.
  • Group members’ expectations are true to Menogyn realities. They should know we do not have a basketball court, there are bugs, and we get wet when it rains. That’s all part of the adventure.
  • The group leader and participants are prepared to help set up camp, do dishes, collect wood and work with Menogyn staff to promote the values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and equity.
  • The group leader is the primary supervisor of minors. Menogyn staff will work with you to find the best solution if issues arise.
  • If evacuation is necessary, we are able to evacuate your group from the wilderness. The group leader is then responsible for any group members' medical care and transportation.

Contact Maureen Martin by email for more details.