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Rent the Farm

Camp St. Croix invites you to Rent the Farm! Are you searching for the perfect outdoor location for a summer event, like a grad party, corporate event, family gathering, birthday party, causal wedding, or good old-fashioned get-together? The Farm at Camp St. Croix would be ideal!

Gathering Spaces (available June-mid October)
  • RCU Prairie Harvest Barn — A small, semi-open space with workshop tables and/or room for several banquet tables and seating. Concrete floors and white concrete walls with windows. Hayloft is not available for use. A small food prep space with a refrigerator, oven, and countertops is available. A three-basin sink in the back of the barn can rinse dishes if needed. There is no hot water or sanitization.
  • Gathering Tent — A large, 20’-60' white tent without sides on a gravel base. Ten (white) 8' tables and accompanying (black) folding chairs are available. 
  • Pizza Ovens — Two pizza ovens that can cook a 12" pizza in about 3 minutes and accompanying paddles to cook pizzas are available! Staff will be on-site to stoke fires and keep an eye on things but will not be responsible for cooking or handling food. You must bring, cook, and handle all food. You must also get all the utensils used to serve, cook, and eat your food, including plates, cutlery, napkins, etc. Everything you need, you must get. Don't forget the pizza cutter!
  • Discovery Garden — Gorgeous garden (season and weather-dependent) with a pergola, picnic table, fire ring, and places to play and picnic. Photo opportunities are stunning in late summer.

Capacity — There are enough tables, chairs, and semi-sheltered space for 60-80 guests.

Package Info and Pricing

Half Day, 5 hours (Saturday or Sunday flexible times) or weeknight evening 5-10 pm:

  • Barn, Tent, Pizza Ovens, Discovery Garden $800
  • Barn, Tent, Discovery Garden $500

Daily Rate (Saturday or Sunday)

  • Barn, Tent, Pizza Ovens, Discovery Garden $1200
  • Barn, Tent, Discovery Garden $800

Staff Included

  • Since you are renting a working farm, a host will be on duty during your event. 
  • Staff will be on-site to stoke fires (if renting a space with a fire) and keep an eye on the Farm, but they will not be responsible for cooking or handling any food. You must bring and cook all food.
Related Details

The Farm is available for rent seasonally only, as nothing is heated, from June through mid-October and on weekends or weeknights. Education happens on the Farm during the day! 

Renting the Farm is considered an outdoor event rental. A tent or barn will be provided as a shelter in case of rain or inclement weather.

  • Hand Washing — Hand washing stations are available. 
  • Dishwashing — A three-basin sink in the back of the barn can be used to rinse dirty dishes. The water is cold. Dishes can be rinsed and taken home to wash and properly sanitize.
  • Parking — A sizeable grassy parking lot is on the other side of the gravel driveway, across from the barn.
  • Evening Lighting — Patio lighting under the tent sheds beautiful, soft yellow light after sundown. There are lights in the barn (and more soft patio lighting there as well). 
  • Bathrooms — There are porta potties on site.
  • Smoking — Smoking is not allowed on the property.
  • Dogs — Dogs need to stay at home. We don't allow dogs on the Farm with our animals and chickens, as we try to avoid commotion on the Farm when possible.
  • Cats — We have two farm cats who work as full-time, incredibly swift mousers. They will most likely be tucked away during your event as they are very (too) friendly, but if you see a cat, it is either George or Peggy. And they are not lost, but right at home.
Not Accessible
  • The RCU Discovery Center is not one of the rented buildings in this package and is not accessible.
  • The high tunnels, upstairs (loft) of the barn, entering the animal pasture, and the walk-in cooler are restricted to farm staff only and are not accessible to your groups. 
  • Do not pick/eat/harvest any of the produce or mushrooms, although the mushroom path is accessible for education if you are careful to keep your feet on the trail! 
  • We ask that youngsters in your group not play in or climb on the compost piles as they work to decompose. We know playing in a big mound of what looks like dirt is tempting, but the microorganisms are working away to decompose waste, and we like to keep them focused. You can, however, place any food waste you might have from your event on this pile, as long as it is not meat. Our signs guide you to put it in the right place!
  • We ask that in the Discovery Garden, although enjoyed by your group, you stay on paths and respect the space.
More Information

For questions and group registration, email or for available dates and more info.