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Welcome Kelsey Wood! Camp du Nord’s New Food Service Manager

Few things get campers more excited than the sound of the dining hall bell! Meal times at Camp du Nord allow campers to connect with others and refuel for more fun adventures. We are thrilled to have someone from the local community, with an amazing attitude and experience join our staff. By the way, if you've ever grabbed a pizza from the Wilderness Wood Fire pizza truck during Fest du Nord, then you've already tasted some of Kelsey's ridiculously good pizza. Meet Kelsey!

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Dallas, TX and am a graduate of Texas Tech University. In 2016, my family left Dallas to spend the summer in Ely, and we never left. 

What is your food service background?
Restaurants have been in my blood since a young age because my dad worked in the industry. I've been working in restaurants since I was 14 years old and gained management experience at The Cheesecake Factory and Blue Moose Pizza. I've also consulted for restaurants and assisted with new restaurant openings. Lastly, my family owns a seasonal wood-fired pizza trailer, and we are proudly gearing up for our fourth season serving the Ely area.

Why do you want to work at Camp du Nord?
I'm an avid hiker and camper. My love for YMCA camp began in 2001 when I was a cook at YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch in Winter Park, CO. I love the family of life-long friends and memories I created there. I could tell Camp du Nord was the same when I started selling pizzas at Fest du Nord. I've always heard great things about the kitchen here, and I'm excited to continue the tradition, work hard, and make things even better. Plus, I'm super stoked to work in the most beautiful place ever!

Kitchen goals?
One of my biggest goals in trimming food costs and waste, while getting creative with great flavors in the kitchen and accommodating dietary needs. We have room for improvement in labeling, menu variety, and overall quality and consistency. One challenge I've noticed is the flow of the salad bar line; we're trying a few new ideas and hope to see an improvement this summer. My priority is to make plenty of fresh and delicious food and lead a staff that has fun together and looks forward to coming to work each day!

What's your favorite recipe?
Being from Texas, I love anything Mexican or BBQ. I enjoy making carnitas, pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, enchiladas, salads, soups and chili - and I make sure each has all the proper "fixin's" to go with it!