Summer 2023 Resource Family Application

Seasoned Northern Lights campers can apply to be a Resource Family. Resource Families assist campers and staff throughout the session with a variety of activities, including the Little & Big Dipper Swim, and Adult Age-Groups. Applications are due Friday, December 2, 2022.The cost to be a Resource Family is $150 and is a week long session (Camp Northern Lights covers the cost of lodging, but each family is responsible for providing their own food). Applicants will be informed by Friday, December 9, 2022. Resource Families stay in Haukka, a full facility cabin located in Buena Vista Village.


All Resource Families will be staying in Haukka. This is one of our full-facility cabins located in the Buena Vista Village near the lodge.

Because of the large number of Resource Family applicants, we cannot guarantee a particular session if you are accepted. We will, however, take into account your preferences. Most session run from Sunday to Saturday but a few run from Sunday to Sunday due to length of two split sessions.

Camp Northern Lights covers the cost of lodging for Resource Families, but we require that the family is responsible for providing their own food.


Please Indicate Your Date Preferences (Up To Three)