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Help Us Send More Kids to Camp

The transformational power of a camp experience is undeniable. Time in nature nurtures community, personal growth and development, environmental awareness, and so much more!

Through our Kids to Camp Fund, our community of donors sends kids to camp. It’s that simple. With every donation, a financial aid application is funded, allowing more kids to step into the life-changing Y camp experience. 

A Transformational Experience

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Y camps offer a variety of unique experiences suited to meet the needs of each camper, creating inclusive spaces and opportunities for all to learn, connect, explore, and grow.

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Our camps are places where kids gain confidence and develop a sense of belonging within an alumni community built on decades of history in the great outdoors.

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Many Y campers can only attend camp with financial assistance from the Kids to Camp Fund, which equally supports the mission of our eight different youth camp programs.

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The Kids to Camp Fund supported 1,015 campers last year.

We are excited to help even more kids get to camp this year!

Camp was like another parent to me. I can't reiterate how foundational that experience has been to everything I've done since being a camper and then being on staff. I continue to give because the mission means so much to me, and I want more young people to have the opportunity to experience the life-changing power of camp as I did.
Kate, alum and donor

How You Can Help

Every kid should be able to attend camp, where adventure and self-growth are boundless.

But we know not all youth have access to these transformational experiences. Many families aren’t in a place financially to be able to send their child(ren) to camp.

That's where YOU come in.

When you give to the Kids to Camp Fund, you become our partner in offering young people the life-changing gift of camp. The magic of your donation starts with a camp experience, but the impact of that experience will last a lifetime.

Your donation will go straight to work helping more young people discover the unmatched wonder and joy of being part of the Y camp community.

Your support is irreplaceable and we are grateful for your generosity!

A gift of $850 provides paddles and lifejackets for 10 campers, and a gift of $309 covers the cost of day camp for one kid.

Over 1,814 kids had the opportunity to attend camp last year, and with your partnership, we will continue to grow that number.