Unlock It! has proven to be a great adventure for the whole family. Join in the fun as we continue to add more maps throughout the course of this summer and fall to Unlock!

What is Unlock It! and how does it work?

It’s a self-guided, outdoor, scavenger hunt-like experience. Download the map, follow the clues, and unlock letters that, when unscrambled, form a keyword. Then submit that keyword to our website, and be entered to win fun prizes, including Science Museum passes and Minnesota Vikings memorabilia.

When can we do it?

Do it on your schedule, anytime during daylight hours.

How to be entered for prizes?

Each time you complete a new course and turn in your Unlock It! keyword online, you will be entered to win fun prizes in our next drawing.

Where are the Courses?

See below for the list of Unlock It! courses across the metro region. More are in the works, so check back monthly to see when new maps are released.

Unlock It! during WINTER: While most courses are open, be prepared to contend with added challenges in winter as snow or ice may build up on trails, staircases, and ​occasionally cover clues such as historical markers. With extra determination and the right attitude though, it will only make your adventure all the more epic. 

Unlock It! Locations Available Now:

Unlock Course Maps

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! Thanks to a generous gift from HealthPartners and the amazing team at D.Trio Marketing Agency who designs the maps, there is no cost to you and your family.

Who created Unlock It! and why?

This is the latest from the team who puts on the Kidarod, ForEverest, BreakAway Kids Tri, and Resilinator. We aim to be your partner in preparing kids with the tools and confidence they need to live an adventurous life.