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Winter | Ages 6+

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2022 Resilinator Adults graphic

Resilinator 2022: Grown Up Edition

event October 22, 2022
schedule 4:00pm-7:00pm
See timetables for details
place Hyland Lake Park Reserve
10145 E Bush Lake Road

Inspired by History

The Kidarod is inspired by Alaska's famous dog sled race – The Iditarod – which commemorates the original "Race of Mercy" when Diptheria gripped the village of Nome during the brutal winter of 1925.

The one hope to save the townspeople was to have teams of huskies and their mushers relay the life-saving serum hundreds of miles from Anchorage to Nome. The nation clamored for news of the slow and nearly impossible trek across the dark and dangerous tundra.

Thanks to Togo, a lead dog who pulled the serum 260 miles over three days, and Balto, the dog who led his team on the final pull into Nome, the town was saved!

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