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We believe every child should experience camp, regardless of family income.

Application Process

Applying is easy and confidential.

    How It Works

    Our goal is to help all families who qualify for assistance.

    We’ll consider your annual income, the number of adults and dependents in your household, and then determine a scholarship to align with your individual situation.

    If your family gets assistance through the county or another agency, please let us know.

    Some locations als have additional funding options available.

    If the initial scholarship award does not meet your needs, please contact Customer Service.

    Preparing to Apply

    Step 1

    If you have used Y programs/membership previously, go to step 2. Otherwise, create a new Y account for you/your family. Add all family members interested in Y programs.

    Step 2

    Gather your income documents to upload with your scholarship application. If you file taxes, your 1040 form for the previous year is best. View income & financial support verification documentation. We cannot process your application without proper income documentation.

    Step 3

    Use our scholarship estimator to check if you may qualify before submitting your application.


    Applications are processed in the order received. We’ll review your information and within ten (10) business days you should receive an email from us with a decision. We will let you know if we need additional information.

    All kids should experience camp

    Thanks to the generous support of donors during our Annual Campaign, we are able to offer scholarships to participants who need a little extra help.

    Here to Help

    Have a question or need assistance?