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Give to Camp du Nord

Volunteer Opportunities 

Many YMCA Camp du Nord supporters work behind the scenes all year long.  We couldn’t create the kind of du Nord experience that brings so many families back to camp year after year without the dedication and support of our volunteers. A variety of opportunities are available for you and your family to enjoy fun volunteer events both at camp and in the Twin Cities. These volunteer projects help support staff, help camp make necessary improvements, and help keep YMCA Camp du Nord affordable for all. Volunteering at du Nord is also a great way to help you connect with other campers outside of camp. 

Some opportunities to volunteer your time for du Nord include: 

  • Participating in Work Weekends at du Nord. 
  • Joining a Camp du Nord Advisory Committee or Board of Directors. 
  • Donating your time to helping with special fundraising events in the Twin Cities area, including garage sales, fundraising events and our annual campaign. 

Please see our Executive Director for more information about any of these volunteer opportunities. 

Financial Giving 

Annual Campaign 

Our Annual Campaign provides essential financial resources for camp. The funds raised help us: 

  • Offer financial assistance to camper families (more than $100,000 per year!) 
  • Purchase essential program equipment and supplies  
  • Provide quality training programs for camp staff 
  • Support our du Green initiatives 

Hundreds of volunteers and donors help to ensure that families, regardless of their financial situations, can benefit from a YMCA Camp du Nord experience.  If you are interested in either donating, or helping to organize and implement the campaign, please contact our Executive Director. 

Endowment fund 

Throughout du Nord's years, one enduring hallmark has been excellence.  Camp du Nord offers extraordinary experiences for families. However, one challenge du Nord faces going forward is maintaining the unparalleled quality of its programs, staff, and facilities while ensuring financial accessibility for its campers. 
A key strategy for meeting this challenge is to grow du Nord’s Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund provides annual income to support Camp du Nord’s programs and operations. As costs increase, earnings from the endowment become increasingly important for providing experiences of the very highest quality, for being inclusive of all participants who are interested, and for the camp’s overall financial well-being. 
Endowment income provides supplemental support for Camp du Nord and relieves the pressure to substantially raise fees.  One of the camp’s key goals is to create a more stable and sustainable financial model that relies much less heavily upon camper and participant fees so that: 

  • All families, regardless of financial resources, are able to participate  
  • Unpredictable and temporary increases in expenses have a less dramatic impact upon camper fees 
  • Costs associated with going to camp are manageable for more families.