Our Outdoor Learning Program (OLP) strives to connect every participant to the outdoors through programs that 1.) strengthen their curiosity and knowledge for the physical world, 2.) grow their awareness and concern for others and the environment, and 3.) bolster their confidence in themselves and their own abilities.

Our outdoor education programs center around engaging and immersive learning. Participants will encounter the curriculum experientially, using multiple senses to interpret the concepts being presented. They will be able to touch, see, smell and, in some cases, even become the things they are learning about—giving them opportunities to make truly meaningful connections.

Teambuilding programs provide an immersive experience that asks participants to focus on creative problem solving and group goal achievement to overcome challenges. From group initiatives to climbing events and high ropes courses, participants will explore and demonstrate some of the most essential components of teamwork—communication, cooperation, support, and trust. Facilitators will engage students in a debriefing of each activity to reflect on the group’s challenges and successes.

The cooperative and relational nature of all of our OLP programming promotes Social Emotional Learning that gives participants the tools to build confidence, interpersonal skills, and empathy. We not only implement community building, but also focus on personal growth by giving participants the choice to set their own goals and to challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zone into their learning zones. Having this individual choice encourages participants to examine their sense of self as well as their own physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Sample Schedules & Rates

Sample Day Trip

8:30              Arrival
8:45              Camp Orientation
9:15              Activity or Group Games
10:15            Break
10:25            Activity
11:25            Break
11:30            Lunch
12:30            Activity
1:30              Break
1:40              Activity
2:40              Break
2:50              Activity
3:50              Break
4:00              Activity
5:00              Bathroom Break
5:15              Load Buses
5:30              Departure

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Program Rates

Half Day up to 3 hours of program time  -  $25/student*
School Day 4-6 hours of program time - $40/student*
Extended Day 7-9 hours of program time - $55/student*

1 Night/2 Day program- $175/student*
2 Night/3 Day program- $225/student*

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*For some high challenge course & boating activities there will be additional charges

We’re open year-round. Please contact us to for more information or to check availability at 763-479-1146 or via email.

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