High Challenge Course Elements

Push yourself and your team on one of our 7 exciting and challenging climbing events.

Our climbing events are designed to push you and your group out of their comfort zone and off into excitement and growth.

Climbing Tower

Participants climb in pairs. Climbers go as far as they can while being supported by the rest of the group. 

Vertical Challenge

It's a climbing tower with a twist. Climb a 45 foot tower full of obstacles that includes tires, nets, and wood planks. See if you can reach the top!

Leap Of Faith

The Leap of Faith Pole challenges individuals to set goals and build self-confidence as they climb. Climbers will attempt to stand on the top of the pole and leap off, in hopes of reaching the hanging rope. Transform from average human to a superhero! View Photos

Commitment Bridge

Work with a partner to reach your fullest potential. Two participants work together to try to make it as far as they can along the bridge. Shaped like a V, this event becomes more challenging the farther the participants progress. View Photos (*Currently Unavailable)

Giant Ladder

Participants climb in pairs and challenge themselves to climb as far as they can. Climbers must cooperate, support each other and trust their partners. View Photos (*Currently Unavailable)

Giant Zipline

The excitement of a zip line provides a reward for the effort of climbing up our 45 ft. climbing tower. Clipping into a safety system, the person zipping steps off the platform and then zooms across our A-field, eventually being supported by staff as they descend back down to earth. 

High Circuit Challenge

High ropes courses are situated higher off the ground than low courses, the perceived risks - and rewards - are often much greater. In addition, because of their greater height, fellow participants help support their peers using team belay. High circuit challenges involve great tests of strength, stamina and mental focus.