We offer a seasonal wilderness program. Our programs balance interactive instruction observation, and play. Drop off your kids, or stay and learn.

  • Ages 5-15
  • $30/student, $8.50/adult—includes program and lunch
  • $35/Leadership Development Program – learn more
  • Siblings under 5 can come for free with an accompanying adult 
  • Each program starts 10am and ends at 3pm. 
  • Registration deadline is one week prior to the program date. Space is limited. Walk-ins may be refused.

Contact Hart Olson, Outdoor Education Director, for more information.

Program Schedule, 2020-2021

November 6: Fur Trade

Learn firsthand the culture of the eighteenth-century Voyageurs and Native Americans. Practice skills and traditions like building a fire with flint & steel, pelt trading, hatchet throwing, stories and games. See how attitudes and behaviors during the fur trade era have affected today’s environment.


November 13: Native Peoples and Cultures

Understand the culture, customs, and mythology of the Ojibwe and Dakota tribes of this area through different activities that took place in their daily lives.


November 20: Lumberjack Days

Logging has been a vital part of Minnesota and Wisconsin history. Go back in time to learn how these men lived and helped to shape the natural landscape.


December 4: Winter Survivor: Camp St Croix Edition

Bad weather, getting lost, wild animals, poisonous plants, injury, and sickness are just a few examples of the things that could dampen your hike or paddle. Learn valuable survival skills and strategies that will get you through the direst circumstances.


December 11: Orienteering and Cartography

Take part in a quest to find the hidden treasure. Learn how to use basic map, compass and GPS skills to help you along the way. Examine the topographical features of a part of camp’s property and make your own map.


January 8: Winter Animals

Ever wonder what happens to animals in the winter?  Not all animal decide not to hibernate.  Explore the animal world in the wintertime.  We will learn some tricks that animals do to survive the harsh Wisconsin winters.


January 15: Winter Exploration

Glide across the snow on cross country skis, or traverse atop the snow base on snow shoes. Experience the joy and beauty of winter outdoors while learning a sport that is rich in history, easy, safe, good exercise, and fun.


January 22: Youth in Government/Global Citizenship

Camp St Croix for sale??!! A land developer is interested in purchasing Camp for a new housing development. An emergency Town Meeting has been called. Realize the importance of being involved and informed in your community.


February 5: Snow Science

Snow forts, snowmen, snowballs, they are made up of millions and millions of individual flakes. Yet no two flakes are the same. Come play, investigate, and learn the science behind what makes each and every flake unique.


February 12: How Animals Survive the Winter

What happens to the animals in the winter?  Discover how different animals survive using unique adaptations that allow them to withstand such conditions as extreme temperatures and scarce food.


February 19: The Night Sky (Evening Programming)

How do people from ancient cultures to modern day use the stars in their daily lives?  Learn some basic astronomy concepts, identify some of the most prominent constellations in the northern skies, and enjoy the stories of the characters for whom they were named. Let us take care of the kids for a parents evening out. (3pm-8pm)


March 5: Spring Awaking (Maple Syrup)

It is that time of year when we say good bye to the bitter winter season and say hello to spring!  Learn what changes are happening to our plants and trees at Camp St. Croix.


March 12: The History of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup was a traditional food product of the early Native Americans that everyone now enjoys. We will provide you the chance to take part in the process of making syrup from the sap that’s collected from our maple trees. Learn how this process has evolved over time.


March 19: Weather Watchers

The weather is ever changing, and you never know what to expect.  Discover how meteorologist predict the weather using different tools to get an accurate forecast.


April 2: The Amazing Race: Camp St. Croix Edition

On your mark, get set, go! And we off on an amazing race through Camp St. Croix.  Contestants will scale a climbing apparatus, race through the initiative’s forest, learn to shoot a bow and arrow, and so much more!!


April 16: Spring Restoration

Explore the different ways the ecosystems and camp prepares for the upcoming spring. Compare and contrast the differences in the various habitats emerge from the blanket of winter and what man-made and natural tools we use to promote the overall health of Camp St. Croix’s prairie.


April 23: Little Camp on the Prairie

Explore a restored prairie habitat, which once was a part of a larger prairie that covered the whole Midwest.  Come discover what happen to them and what ways they can be restored.


May 7: Farming and the Environment

How does your garden grow?  Come dig in the dirt and see what it takes to prepare the Camp St. Croix garden!  Learn some different techniques to start your own eco-friendly garden at home.


May 14: Leave No Trace

A responsibility of ours, as stewards of the planet, is to learn and practice the skills of Leave No Trace camping in the wilderness, “taking only memories and leaving only footprints” behind.


May 21: Wet and Wild

Walk the banks of the St. Croix River while discussing water’s role in our ecosystem, study aquatic life, and discover the effects humans have on our water quality and supply.


Additional Information

In order to provide greater quality of programming, participants will be split according to age into either the 5-8 year old or the 9-15 year old group. These two groups will provide greater tailoring to the learning and development stages of these students. 

Additionally, parents with students 12-16 can chose to register them as a participant (for the normal $17) or for an additional $3 ($20 total registration fee) can register their student in the Homeschool Leadership Development Program. In the Homeschool LDP program, students will spend part of the morning in program learning content and preparing an activity under supervision of an Outdoor Education Instructor. After lunch, the students will co-lead the lesson and activity alongside one of Croix's Outdoor Education Instructors allowing them to have more ownership over their learning experience and character development. 

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